Why electric cars are becoming so popular

07/06/2021 / Comments 0 / 479 / News 2021
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In reality, not many of us have driven an electric car yet, and have not really even thought about owning one. So why are we even making the assumption that these types of vehicles will prove to be so popular in such a short space of time? We will tell you.

As it stands, the car industry is going through the biggest ever change it’s ever seen, and we’re going as far back as the first car production line since 1913 when Ford started mass production of cars. Analysts, economists, industry observers, and people in the know are witnessing and assessing the sheer growth in investment and the increase in sales of electric vehicles that will shortly overtake petrol and diesel cars.

Another key factor is looking at what the world’s biggest carmakers are thinking and doing. Just to give you an insight on some of the key players. Jaguar plans to only sell electric cars starting from 2025, Lotus will be looking to do the same in 2028 and Volvo will follow suit in 2030.

The middle market brands are also making the same statements and forecasts, like General Motors have announced they will make only electric cars by 2035, Ford has indicated that by 2030, all vehicles sold in Europe will be electric and the mighty VW wants to have 70% of all their car sales to be electric.

These are all serious announcements, statements, and revised mission statements from serious contenders of the new car era.

Another factor to bear in mind is, governments around the world are setting targets and deadlines for the banning of fossil fuels, which basically means all vehicle manufacturers have no choice but to comply. This is good for the consumer and especially for the environment, seeing these huge car makers being pushed to their limits on new developments and technology, as well as making sure they will be as competitive as possible, in order to either maintain or increase their market share in what many call, the new industrial car revolution.

For Now, let’s get prepared

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