Why cars with accident history are dangerous

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Why cars with accident history are dangerous
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According to a survey of 2017 by the Department for Transport, there were 25,511 with 1,793 being fatal.

This is a reality.

The question that rises, after acknowledging these data points is:

Where do cars that have been involved in an accident end up and how safe are they after getting repaired?

Let’s start with a very important rule that we should always keep in mind

Everything can get fixed
That’s right, even the car above can be fixed. It can not only be fixed, it can look like a new car from the exterior. Even for a trained eye in some cases, it would be difficult to figure out whether it has been involved in an accident.

And we are not talking about a wing or a crashed door. We are talking about the frame of the car, the core on which all the mechanical and kinetic parts, the deformation zone and your safety is based.

But.. who buys a car that has been involved in a crash?
So, you are looking to buy a used car. Did you know that there are many professionals, dealers or craftsmen out there whose exclusive job is just that?

They find crashed cars, they buy them, they repair them with cheap parts and not exactly the best methods and right after they sell them, making bank in the process.

On the other side, owners of crashed cars, usually not wanting to spend the time to sell the spare parts one by one, sell their cars for literally “peanuts”.

Of course, an experienced car dealer can spot whether the frame has been modified.

When a problematic car gets in the market for sale
A crashed car like that, after weeks of getting fixed, is making its way into the used car market as an “opportunity” and claims your attention. Freshly painted, low mileage and a very competitive price.

Here is where I have to mention the second most important rule in the used car and used van marketplace:

MOT and HPI checks are golden

If you, as a potential buyer do not ask for the MOT and HPI checks of the car you are looking to buy, then automatically the problematic used car with the welded frame and the crumpled pillars, will unknowingly to you, make its way into your home and your family.

Isn’t it a pity?

How safe is a crashed car?
When the frame of a car gets deformed by a strong collision, then it loses the aerodynamics and geometry that it was meant to have when it came out of the assembly line and as a result, its driving behaviour changes.

In practice, this means that the car will react strangely to abrupt braking, will not have the same grip when cornering and may not have the same tolerance as it is meant to have when facing potholes or other everyday obstacles.

This is just the beginning…

Passive protection is…

The endurance of the car in a collision to keep the driver invulnerable.

The truth is that the welding of the frame, if well worked, can be done correctly and follow the factory’s specifications. The digital calliper can bring the car to the exact dimensions that were specified by its manufacturers.

But what can be never recovered is the rigidity of all those parts that went awry during the collision. Their endurance will never be the same again and the car will forever remain vulnerable and dangerous.

If you do not know the history of the car you are buying, then you could be dangerous, both for the other drivers and for yourself.

You wouldn’t want to purchase this kind of car right?
That’s why the best thing you could do before buying a car is to check the car’s history and condition by asking the appropriate certificates such as HPI and MOT. That way you can be confident about your potential new used car.

We are a family run business and we understand the importance of car safety. We only sell safe and fully MOT and HPI checked used cars and used vans. Once you choose the car of your liking, all you have to do is sign and we will bring it to your doorstep, as we offer free nationwide delivery.

If you are looking to buy a used car or used van with finance, good news. We specialise in car finance as we are licensed credit brokers. At Best Price Car Sales, you’ll be hard pressed to find better rates around.

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