Why Buyers Should Purchase Extended Warranties

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Why Buyers Should Purchase Extended Warranties
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We’ve all been there before, just purchased a used car or used van, offered the extended warranty but our first instinct is to say, “no thanks, I can’t see anything going wrong for a few years yet”. How many times have we all wished, we had paid a bit more attention to that offer of getting that extra peace of mind cover?

The Usual Warranty on Used Cars and Used Vans
So, you’ve had your used car or used van delivered, and all is well and you have the standard 3 months warranty, which covers your used car for parts and labour. This normally includes everything except things like tyres, wiper blades, oil and other lubricants.

At Best Price Cars, all our cars are given a full 156 point checklist before going out for sale. This is something we pride ourselves in. This involves full engine inspection, tyre inspection, suspension and brakes inspection, interior inspection, checking dashboard display, seats, seatbelts. and a thorough test drive. The latter is normally done when the delivery driver is in the process of dropping the car off to our customers.

What A Good Extended Warranty Should Cover
Once the normal warranty period has expired, and you have already purchased your extended warranty, the cover in most cases, will be similar but may lack a few things. At Best Price Car Sales, we have 3 levels of cover. The first level is Essential cover, which includes the following for your used car or used van;  annual full service or after 12,000 miles, £50 contribution towards the cost breakdown, air conditioning breakdown cover, anti-lock brakes cover, turbo breakdown cover and AA membership.

You can also have your Essential cover upgraded by paying a little extra and you’ll have additional cover for the following; multimedia systems, catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter, turbo cover for cars up to 10 years old or 100,000 miles.

Best Price Car Sales also offer a Comprehensive cover which includes everything that has been listed above, and in addition, cover for; all mechanical and electrical parts included. (this warranty also includes, oil seals, working materials, casings and air conditioning re-gas).

The Cost?
Having a good extended warranty for a used car or used van is simply insurance which you never really want to use, but if the worst happens, isn’t it reassuring that your used car has a Comprehensive cover which allows you to sleep at night?

The pricing for the Essential cover is £499 or only £7.99 a week, The Essential upgrade cover is £599 or only £9.99 a week. The Comprehensive cover is £899 or only £15.99 a week.

All the extended warranties can be paid with instalments and are zero interest too.

*All weekly payment plans require a £100 deposit.

For more details about Best Price Car Sales extended warranties for our used cars and used vans, please call 02382 544 186 and speak with one of our friendly advisors today.


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