Using Technology To Beat The COVID-19 Lockdown When Buying A Car

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 380 / News 2019
Using Technology To Beat The COVID-19 Lockdown When Buying A Car
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At Southampton-based Best Price Car Sales we are still working tirelessly to support our customers in the safest and best possible way we can inline with the latest Government advice.

We Have Adapted Our Process
Of course, the coronavirus has had a massive impact on the way we all think and act as safety is paramount and social distancing has to be followed to the maximum.

The guidelines were that we had to close our showrooms and dealerships from the 23rd of March and we immediately followed that direction with our staff all advised to stay at home and only go outside as per the Government instructions.

Online Service
At Best Price, we’ve had an ‘Online Service’ for quite some time and this fits in well with our business model which is to support our customers that are located all over the UK. Yes, we’ve had to close our showrooms but this doesn’t really impact our business in a massive way because many of our customers never visit our showrooms anyway.

Since the 23 of March, we have retweaked our process so that our staff can work at home. We’ve made sure they all have a good internet connection and they all have mobile phones. We also have WhatsApp groups for communications.

Key Workers
Despite our company, not officially classified as in the ‘Key Worker’ sector, we are getting a lot of requests from Key Workers who need our help and they are benefiting from our online service. Key Workers need cars more than ever during this current situation as many can’t work without them

How We Deliver?
We aim to deliver with a total non-physical contact process.

All documents are signed online which means all the paperwork is dealt with electronically and there is no need for face to face meetings.

For the car delivery, we make sure that keys are disinfected along with everything else that is touched. Delivery drivers are dressed in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) clothing to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Staying Safe
The most important point is safety and we will always make that our priority.

We can show you cars, with online pictures and videos, which provides you with a virtual idea and then we can deliver. At this point test drives can be taken and cars rejected if there are any problems.

We’re still here to help get you on the road so please let us know if you have any questions.

If you need a newer vehicle we can help you at Best Price Car Sales where we probably have some of the best-used cars and best-used vans in the UK.

We also provide a full service that takes away all the hassle of car purchases for you and we tick a lot of boxes:

If you need a used car we will find you one.
If you need a used van we will find you one.
If you need a car loan we will find you one.
Wherever you live in the UK we will deliver free of charge to your doorstep.
Bad Credit. If you think you have bad credit we can still help. Let us put your credit to the test.


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