Using audio conferencing for remote workers

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 362 / News 2021
Using audio conferencing for remote workers
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As more and more businesses around the world continue to encourage their employees to work remotely and from home, more investment is being funneled into online technology, in order to reach a growing number of employees who in most cases are confined in their homes.

Being isolated from your colleagues is bad enough and only communicating through emails and group chats is better than nothing but it doesn’t actually bring a sense of togetherness and, only helps boost productivity and morale for a limited time.

What better way to keep in touch with practically every single employee in your company by means of audio, web, and video conferencing facilities. Now conference calls have been around for a long time and are nothing new. It’s the added features that are now the big benefit and should be something, small, medium and large businesses should consider.

Audio conferencing
There are a lot of products currently on the market which can integrate with your existing email platforms, just by sending out a daily, weekly, or monthly invite to attend an audio conference call, you can alert all attendees to join your call at any time. Just by using click to dial on your mobile or dialing in from a landline, you’ll be given a number that connects you to the conference call, then an additional access code to let you into the conference. The same number access code can be used if this is how the chairperson of the conference wishes to do so or a different access code can be generated per each call, for added security measures.

The chairperson can instantly mute all of the attendees’ lines, so the call is in total control, and then allow the callers to have an open discussion if need be. To save the employee money on call costs, the chairperson of the call can provide either a freephone number or a local UK one.

Even better for attendees who are outside of the UK, most conferencing service providers have a selection of Global Access numbers, so the attendees can connect to the conference call using a local or freephone number in the country they are currently in. (additional charges will go towards the company you owns the conferencing account)

Web Conferencing
And if you want to add a visual element to your conference call, the chairperson can simply send a URL for all participants to click on and host the conference call using either graphs or a PowerPoint presentation. The callers can either be granted access to use a polling function to gauge their feedback or input or add their own input in real-time for all to see. This is great to get instant interactions and participation from planning a Christmas party to brainstorming new business strategies.

Even though Best Price Car Sales is a used car and used van dealership, selling quality used vehicles, we are also reliant on this type of technology to sometimes communicate with our dispersed group of employees who are based all over the UK and currently in the midst of a UK lockdown. By using this form of communication, our Sales Managers, and Directors can make quicker business decisions, and have organised, structured meetings which are always focussed on offering the best service for our customers and partners across the country.

This is one of a number of investments Best Price Car Sales has made in order to maximise efficiency and adapt to the changes the UK is currently experiencing with Covid.

To find out more about what we can do for you and the used car and used van deals we have, call us now on 02382 544 186 or click here to apply online for instant car finance or ask us about buying your used car with cryptocurrency today. See how we are overcoming the challenges of this current pandemic, with our full array of online and contactless services.

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