As things stand now, due to the current worldwide shortage of comput"> Used car sales are going up and up – Best Price Car Sales & Finance

Used car sales are going up and up

05/10/2021 / Comments 0 / 188 / News 2021
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As things stand now, due to the current worldwide shortage of computer chips, the car manufacturing industry has slowed down car production dramatically. This current shortage has lowered the stocks of new cars in most of the major dealerships.

Knock on effect

As a result of this major shortfall in brand new cars on the forecourts, the second-hand car industry has incurred an upturn in sales and demand. Consumers are now opting for a quality used car as a way of upgrading their older cars. 

Unprecedented growth

With an increase of 108.6% of year on year growth, somehow the used car market saw 2.2 million used vehicles exchanging hands. Sales were up by 6.6% before the pandemic took hold in 2019. The number one seller is still very much petrol, with electric cars taking second place, but the demand for electric cars is growing steadily. The increase in demand for used cars is also showing that only 12.7% of vehicles sold were used cars registered under 3 years old, which is the lowest since recorded by the Department of Transport.

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

Also known as SMMT, have stated that the increase in sales tracked is related to the country’s easing of Covid restrictions, with demand rising as businesses in the UK started to reopen.

Ford Fiestas, Vauxhall Corsas, Ford Focuses and Volkswagen Golfs were the most popular models, with black, silver, blue and grey being the most common colour choices.

Another factor for the increase in car demand is consumers are still wary of taking public transport, as they start to get back to work, says Mike Hawes, the boss of SMMT. He also carries on to say, about the used electric car market “is not yet seeing the acceleration of uptake as has been seen in the new car market”.

Buying from a reputable used car dealer

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