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UK government’s plans to further support the economy

23/10/2021 / Comments 0 / 271 / News 2021
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With the latest scientific data being released on the current global warming crisis, the UK government is taking drastic measures in trying to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions which is currently plaguing the planet. The overall ambition set is to reach a target of zero gas emissions by the year 2050.

The announcement recently made by the government will ensure around 440,000 new jobs by 2030, as it has previously been planned to stop the production of petrol and diesel-run cars by this time. The jobs are planned to be created by changes made in building and maintaining cleaner energy sources across the country.

This has carefully been announced before the start of the Glasgow Climate Summit which will be taking place in Glasgow from the 31st of October to Friday the 12th of November 2021. This summit is expected to receive most of the world leaders to discuss ways of reducing the effects of climate change. 

Energy Minister, Greg Hands, a government spokesperson on climate change, has made a statement to MPs in parliament about the government’s strategy, in what’s becoming more vital as more freak acts of nature are happening across the globe. “This is not just an environmental transition, it represents an important economic change too”. Mr. Hands also goes on to add, the net-zero strategy will see the UK government fully embracing the “green industrial revolution” and will help the UK “to level up” and “get to the front of the global race to go green”.

The future will still involve us driving cars, vans, and flying planes but by 2050, the way we will be driving will be using electric cars and vans, we’ll be flying planes with zero emissions, and heating our homes will be done with cleaner sustainable power, such as fully harnessing wind power mainly resourced from the North Sea.

Currently, more drastic measures are being enforced in order to meet targets to halve the global emissions target by 2030.

What can we be doing in the meantime?

It’s good to know that finally the world leaders are taking action and talking about zero-emission targets. These targets have timelines that are still somewhat in the distant future. So what can we be doing now to assist in individual ways in doing our bit in helping to slow down the effects of climate change?

The following measures are scientifically proven to make your cars more eco-friendly.

  1. Keep your car checked by having routine preventative checks and maintenance.
  2. Keep your tyres correctly inflated by the manufacturer’s guidelines
  3. Invest in fuel-efficient tyres, which can save you money.
  4. Clear out your vehicle of unused materials which add unnecessary weight, thus causing an increase in your fuel consumption.
  5. Whilst driving, try to maintain a steady and constant speed, use your cruise control as much as you can for motorway driving (if your car has cruise control fitted).
  6. By being kind to your brakes, means you need to judge braking distance and not brake unnecessarily hard. By doing this the car needs to change up to a higher gear, causing more consumption.
  7. Try to avoid unnecessary engine idling. Buying a car with start/stop technology is a big plus, or if you are waiting for someone outside the shops for example, switch the engine off until you set off on your journey.
  8. Go easy on your car’s aircon. Think if you really need your car temperature to be super cold and not just pleasantly cold. And believe it or not, every little bit helps the environment.

Getting the right used car for you

A well-used car dealer will not just tell you the right used car to buy, based on your budget and how many passengers you need the space for, they will ask you a series of questions concerning your full requirements. This can range from driving habits, where you live, in a built-up city or in the countryside, and things like what you need the car for during the week, as well as the weekends. At Best Price Car Sales, based in Southampton, we like to get to know our customers’ needs and requirements and then we can look for the right used car which is suitable for you. 

We now supply hybrid and electric used cars at very competitive prices and by offering easy payment options, makes it affordable for most of our customers. Even if you have an old gas-guzzling car currently on finance, you can still come to us to see if we’re able to settle any outstanding finance on it. All our part-exchange evaluations are conducted over the phone, meaning we will give you a fair and honest price if you are fair and honest with us. Our credit approvals are second to none in the UK, as we are a licenced credit broker with a large portfolio of the best lenders in the UK.

In addition to having robust financing set up, we provide our customers with a vast range of quality used cars and we’re able to source even more if we don’t have in stock the used car of your choice. We try to be innovative with our deals and offers, such as offering a free nationwide delivery service, free pick-up service for your old car, and cashback, and other great deals.

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