Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium

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Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium
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One of London’s and England’s most famous clubs was established in 1882. At this time, the club didn’t even have a stadium and played their home games at Tottenham Marshes. As the attendance began to grow, the club moved to an enclosed ground and charged a crowd attendance fee. In 1888 the club then decided to move to Asplins Farm, which was next to the railway grounds of Northumberland Park.

As the crowds increased, the overcapacity meant the club had to move again, where it decided to reside at the world renowned White Hart Lane ground. The name came from the place where it was located, which was behind the White Hart pub off Tottenham High Road.

By 1934, White Hart lane ground had a capacity of nearly 80,000 attendance. As time progressed the stadium went through changes and eventually transformed into an all seater stadium with a capacity of 36,000.

The Groundbreaking Stadium
During the era of Sky TV rights and the birth of the Premier League, it became apparent that in order to keep up with the likes of London rivals, Arsenal, and major clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, and clubs like Liverpool, Spurs needed to somehow increase their turnover and generate more revenue. A plan was devised to first redevelop White Hart Lane, but it was finally decided that the club’s future relied on building a brand new stadium and commercial development.

Once all listed houses and properties were demolished, the building of the new 63,000 capacity stadium got underway in 2017. The stadium was completed and opened by the 3rd of April 2019 for its grand opening ceremony and first competitive match against Crystal Place, which Spurs won 2-0.

What makes this stadium so unique is this is the first automated retractable pitch changing technology to accommodate the American Football NFL. At a push of a button, the pitch can be transformed from a football pitch and replaced into a full scale NFL pitch. The spare pitch is stored underground and maintained by water irrigation and UV lights to keep the pitches healthy and up to playing surface standard.

Other Stadium Uses
Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium has transformed how the world thinks about stadium technology, with its multi use pitch, stunning architecture, and grand facilities.

The stadium is designed to host Rugby Union, Rugby League, Concerts, Boxing events, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, the stadium became a community hub for food delivery for Londoners in need of food and Covid-19 testing.

Take A Trip To The Stadium
You don’t have to be a Spurs fan to appreciate a magnificent stadium like Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium. It’s worth looking online to see when the next big event is on, be it a World heavyweight title fight, an NFL game or concert. In the near future, this stadium will be a very busy venue. There’s also an underground car park if you prefer to venture in by your own method of transportation. But the stadium also has connections with the Tube, trains, and buses.

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