With modern-day cars now on the road, you would be right in thinking"> Things you didn’t know could damage your car’s paint – Best Price Car Sales & Finance

Things you didn’t know could damage your car’s paint

13/01/2022 / Comments 0 / 9 / News 2022
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With modern-day cars now on the road, you would be right in thinking that your car’s paintwork is immune to most things that can cause damage to it, but think again. Best Price Car Sales has put a list together of common causes out there that can affect or damage your car’s paintwork. Take heed of these warning pointers because this may come back to haunt you when it comes to selling your car or using it as part exchange.

Road Construction

One obvious area to avoid if you can are stretches of road construction, as these tend to have loose objects such as rocks and pebbles which can chip or cause dents in your car’s bodywork.  If you see road construction signs and you know it’ll run for a few miles, it might be worth your while to navigate around such zones.

Rain can be a nightmare too

With what’s been highlighted recently in the media about increased pollution and climate change, one such factor which has come about is the pollution in the air which is pulled in by the rain. Eventually, with consistent rain and dirt being dropped on your car, the danger of rust will be increased greatly. If you are fortunate to have a garage or covered car parking facility, it’s advisable to use it during inclement weather conditions.

Insect Impacts

Every time you have an insect or bug splatter against your paintwork, if you can, try to wipe it off as soon as possible before it hardens and becomes acidic. We all know how hard it is to remove dead insects and the consequences may again result in paint damage.

Written messages on a dirty car

Did you know that just writing things like ‘clean me’ on a car can be damaging to the paint? Dirt has the same consistency as sandpaper, so bear in mind that if your car isn’t washed regularly and is then prone to so-called dirt artists, your car is at risk of being drawn on, as well as the risk of paint damage caused by rubbing dirt into the bodywork.

Shaving cream

Another prank that can go horribly wrong for you if not acted upon straight away, the spraying of shaving cream on your car and left for a period of time, thus the chance of causing a permanent discoloration of your car’s paintwork.


Yes, one of the biggest life-saving methods used on the roads can also cost us some money on a new paint job on our cars. During those snowy wintery conditions, there’s no better sight to see the council road gritters doing a thorough job in making sure our roads and pavements are not hazardous. But unfortunately, if the same grit isn’t removed from our vehicles as soon as possible, then the corrosive nature of this mixture of chemicals and rock salt may eventually cause damage to the car’s pristine paint.

Just in case

So beware, modern-day car paint is still vulnerable to natural and man-made substances. But basically keeping on top of keeping your car clean and sheltered as much as possible will reduce any risk of accelerated damage or rust issues. If your old car happens to be showing signs of wear and tear, on the inside or out, or you just fancy a change to a newer model, a used electric or hybrid car, then look no further than Best Price Car Sales who are based in Southampton. Firstly we will be more than happy to discuss favorable part-exchange options and give you a fair price over the phone.

With our vast stock and trusted supply partners, we are able to source most used cars of your choice. In most cases, we are able to have most quality used cars delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours, sometimes on the same day. As a licenced credit broker, we deal with a large portfolio of the UK’s finest lenders who can provide finance on our stock of used cars for most types of credit statuses.

To find out more about our current deals and offers on our quality used cars, call us now on 02380 225 666 and speak to one of our friendly advisors or to apply for instant car finance, click here to get approved today.


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