The Best UK Safari Parks

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The Best UK Safari Parks
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When we were younger, we all went on our routine school outing to the local Zoo. A great day out, seeing animals we had never seen before and only learnt through our ABC’s or the day we were taught about wild and domestic animals.

At the time, we didn’t realise that seeing wild animals behind cages and bars wasn’t quite right and we had a lack of understanding about how important it is to see them in their natural habitat.

The nearest we can get to providing real freedom is safari parks, allowing the animals to roam free in a controlled environment. Of course, the UK can’t match Safari parks in Africa and Asia but it’s the closest we’ve got to the real experience for millions of visitors each year.

Woburn Safari Park
Just outside the town of Bedford, Woburn Safari Park stretches across 360 acres of countryside estate. The park offers a fun filled day out with a road safari, foot safari, and leisure activities. You can expect to spend around 60 to 90 minutes just navigating through the park in your vehicle. Visitors can also walk through certain areas to see the smaller and non carnivorous birds and animals. In September 2020, some parts of this zoo will be closed due to social distancing measures. Advisable to check before booking or travelling to the park.

As with all good parks, Woburn Safari also has a children’s’ activities area and picnic locations too. But the main attractions will always be the lions, tigers and Elephants. No park would survive without monkeys either, we need them to add value to our vehicles by breaking wing mirrors or aerials. Rest assured, Woburn has a huge selection of wild animals and your day out at this place will be awe inspiring to say the least.

West Midlands Safari & Leisure Park
The park is situated on the A456 between Kidderminster and Bewdley and provides free parking for all visitors. The park consists of a drive through, theme park and walk through for hands on activities, the Land of The Dinosaurs and Ice Age.

The park is split into four regions, African Plains, Elephant Valley, Carnivores, and Wild Asia. The drive around the park can last over two hours. There’s even an African village to add the authenticity of being in the wild bush.

Once you are ready to have your break, you have a choice of places to eat, ranging from a casual fast food eatery to buffet style serving diners.

Longleat Safari Park
Labelled as the UK’s number one safari park and the biggest. Located just off the A36 between Bath and Salisbury on the A362 Warminster Road.

With new social distancing regulations in place in September 2020, the park is currently open but advanced booking will be required to make sure visitor numbers are reduced and safety is paramount.

With it’s vast acreage, Longleat will keep you entertained for many hours with special events and shows. Check times and events before attending. The attractions include drive through tours of the safari park, a guided tour of the magnificent Longleat House and grounds. On top of all this, the park has a great selection of refreshments and food to choose from for adults and children to indulge in. There’s even a safari drive through, where you can order your food and eat in the privacy of your own vehicle, thus keeping in check with social distancing rules.

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