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The best things to do in London after lockdown

09/09/2021 / Comments 0 / 360 / News 2021
image of the outside of the British Museum
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Well, we’ve all lost count of how long the last lockdown (3.0) lasted, and maybe some of us have forgotten what it was we were doing socially before all the closures. From my personal experience, the most noticeable thing has been the lack of shooting pool with my friends and work colleagues. It’ll take weeks to develop our potting and cube ball skills, but it’ll be worth getting back into the mix, and actually having some form of a normal social life again.

The list below will help to remind you of all the things we might have been doing months ago, plus hopefully plant a few seeds to new ideas forthcoming.

Supporting your local eateries

Yes, we are probably all looking forward to wads of money at the finest eateries in Central London and having a great night on the town but what’s needed now is for us to look the other way and turn to what’s about on our doorstep because believe me, the local restaurants are in great need of their local community for help at this precarious time. So spare a thought for local dining before heading to the West End, or if you are more fortunate than some, try and do both.

Go to the empty museums

Now that the lockdown has lifted, it’ll mean places like the museums will be opening their doors too. This is the time to take advantage of the lack of tourists crowding out places like the British Museum and the V & A and other such fine major tourist attractions. And lest we forget the school trips too. 

Back to the sports bars

Just for the company, there’s nothing better than watching the big games or tournaments with other fans or general onlookers. Being able to indulge in a few beverages and snacks, is second to none when you’ve got some good sports on. And if you’re looking for good suggestions, look out for the opening dates and times of Belushi’s.

The countryside

Yes, it’s time to jump in the car and head back to the countryside, or if you haven’t even thought of venturing out before all the lockdowns, it’s not a bad idea to get some fresh air and a change of environment. Just decide on how long you want to be away from the smoke and how far you’re willing to drive there and back in your vehicle. 

The best news of all

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