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The best advice for your car this winter

05/11/2021 / Comments 0 / 175 / News 2021
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As if we don’t have enough doom and gloom in the UK already, there’s been forecasts that the winter will be pretty severe in the next coming months. This will likely make driving conditions quite difficult and road and travel experts are warning motorists to be fully prepared for the winter ahead.

Best Price Car Sales has listed some useful tips to help you cope during the winter months and not to be caught out. 

Not only is it important to have a well-maintained car but it’s vital to do the usual tyre treads, air pressure, and anti-freeze checks, On top of that, there are a few additional things you should be aware of when it comes to storing things inside your car on these cold wintery nights.

Electronic devices

It’s not well known but electronic devices don’t react well to sub-zero conditions, especially if left out in the car overnight. There are devices such as the iPhone which have built-in features to warn users if the device temperature drops below a certain level or is at risk of overheating. Leaving such devices like iPhones or android products can lead to issues that affect the battery life or cause the devices to switch off constantly. So to avoid expensive repair costs, remember to remove any devices from your car if you leave them overnight. Also might be a good idea anyway if you want to avoid theft.


Most medications have a warning on the label about recommended storage temperature. Medicines become less effective if they are stored or kept in cold temperatures for long periods of time. There are also some cases where medications  can also become potentially harmful.

One such medication to be aware of is insulin, if you leave it overnight in the car, it’s advisable not to use it if it becomes frozen.


Sub-zero temperatures can cause certain aerosols to destabilise and even become combustible. Even tins can expand in colder temperatures which causes an increase in air pressure, resulting in possible exploding tin cans or aerosols. Such items should be removed from the car overnight and kept indoors.

Keep an eye on your fuel tank

Probably the easiest mistake to make during the cold winter months is leaving your car overnight in extremely cold temperatures with a near-empty fuel tank, thinking you’ll fill it up first thing in the morning on your way to work. If you have less than half a tank of petrol, the risks of fuel freezing will be higher than having a full tank, so the more you have in the tank the less likely it will be that your petrol will freeze. Also make sure that you now take into account that there’s a general fuel logistic problem, meaning delays at fuel stations and if driving conditions are bad on the roads, it’s better to be prepared fuel-wise and have vital items like chargers, battery packs, and de-icing tools.

Why not upgrade for a newer used car?

Another thing you can do if you have any doubts about the wintery conditions and the reliability of your vehicle is to contact us to see how much it’s worth in the form of part exchange. We will give you an honest price and then a huge selection of our quality used cars to choose from if you want to use your old car as a deposit to lower your monthly payments. 

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