The Best 5 Restaurants In London You Have To Visit

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The Best 5 Restaurants In London You Have To Visit
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After the extended so-called break, the restaurants are finally back and opening their Covid-19 ravaged doors to bring smiles and joy back on our faces. Some managed to survive the lockdowns but some weren’t so lucky and have been wiped off London’s eateries map.

Now the newly opened restaurants have been set up to undertake social distancing measures, in order to conform to government guidelines. For the month of August, many eateries were taking full advantage of the Government’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme, which gave you half price meals Mondays to Wednesdays.

Let’s take a look at some of the best eateries in town and why they’re so good.

This place is a well established Thai restaurant in the heart of London’s Soho. This place is run by the self-taught chef Ben Chapman. The type of dining is based on a Thai barbeque tradition, with an added twist of higher quality ingredients. What stands out is it’s ambient lighting and downstairs is quite dark and cosy, which in my opinion, makes for a much better dining experience.

Considering where it’s located it’s incredibly good value for money, with a meal for two, with drinks and service for around £90.

There are three restaurants located in King’s Cross, Marylebone, and Soho. The cuisine is exclusively Sri Lankan. What’s great about it is that all the old exposed bricks give you the impression of being somewhere hot in Asian, namely Sri Lanka. What is noticeable is the vast menus and highly skilled chefs at each restaurant. The staff is trained to upsell too, so be mindful of what you’re being recommended.

A dinner for two with drinks and service will set you back around £70.

As the name says, a brightly lit and chrome filled restaurant based in East London, Hackney. It’s classed as Contemporary Global dining, so the menu and cuisines originate from many countries around the world, offering its diners a truly fun-filled yet tasteful journey around the five continents.

It’s a medium-priced contemporary diner with a lovely mixture of stylist small plates with well-presented cuisines. And to match, a great compact menu which changes every day.

Bright is a great place, but comes with a slightly higher price, a meal for two with drinks and service will be around £105.

There is no way we can recommend a load of London restaurants and not have an Italian in the mix. This place deserves such an accolade for its exquisite array of pasta dishes. Based on Borough High Street, South East London.  As you would also expect, the service is quick and food served piping hot and all the pasta is made in-house. Padella looks to be set up more for lunches than evening dining, which isn’t a bad thing because the latter can also accommodate you fairly well too.

As with most pasta establishments, the food is fairly inexpensive and a meal for two including drinks and service will be around £70.

Social Eating House
Last but not least, probably the finest out of the bunch. This place is run by Paul Hood, who was trained by Jason Atherton and in turn, Jason comes from the training camp of the great Gordon Ramsay. Based in Soho, it’s classified as a British fine dining restaurant.

As you would expect, the menu looks and tastes like fine dining. The restaurant is classy with the service to match. It wouldn’t surprise me if, in a few years, this place would be nominated for a Michelin star, it’s that good.

As with most restaurants of this caliber, this type of restaurant isn’t going to be dirt cheap. You would expect to pay for a dinner for two with drinks and service, around £200.

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