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Reconhecimento de trabalhadores-chave

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If the UK didn’t appreciate key workers before the pandemic, we sure as hell recognise them now. We realised all about dedication, commitment, and bravery in having to be our frontline soldiers in the fight against this lengthy pandemic.

We gave thanks and appreciation as a nation with our UK-wide clapping and many of us made the effort to thank individuals for their work and dedication in the key worker sector. During the pandemic, the most notable key workers were highlighted as being in the healthcare sector, such as nurses, doctors, care workers and we realised other unsung heroes were also vital for the nation to continue to keep goods and services alive. Shop supermarket workers, public transportation and logistic operators, and last but not least, cleaning, and maintenance personnel. Without these people who continued to work during the Covid pandemic while others were quarantined and isolated safely in their homes, the UK economy and infrastructure would have been utterly devastated.

The invisible guardians

All these years, some of us never really paid attention to the men and women in the key worker sector. We took everything for granted, the bus driver, the tube driver, the supermarket worker, the person working in the newsagents, and so on. But the obvious ones we see every day, right in front of us are the care workers, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, doctors, law enforcement, and the support staff. All these were the heroes we became to appreciate and worship. Every single one of them put themselves on the line every day, and all they were doing was going to work but we now know they were going to war against the unseen enemy.

We saw in the media that lives were at risk and the casualty figures just for the health care workers ran into the hundreds throughout the UK. But there weren’t mass resignations or a noticeable increase in long-term sickness. We actually had an influx of retired physicians and nurses coming out of retirement to assist with the continuing onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic and they helped ease the massive strain in the health sector.

A gesture of thanks

Best Price Car Sales have set aside a budget to accommodate a special deal for key workers, as a way of acknowledging our thanks to the great work we’ve all witnessed as a business. Not only did we see what’s been highlighted in the media but some of our employees have relatives, friends, or loved ones who had put their lives on the frontline. We hope more businesses acknowledge these heroes too and make them know each and every key worker is very special and people of the UK do actually recognise and give great thanks to all that they have done and are currently doing for the population of the UK.

What are we doing for key workers?

No Venda de carros com melhor preço, if we could give away free used cars to every key worker, we definitely would. But we know this isn’t possible, but what is very possible is, we’re able to offer every single customer the choice of 1000s of quality used cars. Even if we don’t have the right used car for you in stock, we can fonte the dream used car and still have it delivered to you, free at your home or place of work anywhere in the UK. Every key worker gets an exclusive £250 cash transfer to go towards the cost of fuel. A free extended warranty for parts and labour on your newly purchased used car. As standard, we can also provide you with a troca da peça over the phone promise, so you can use your old car as either a deposit to lower your monthly payments or we can settle your previous car finance if you still have finance outstanding on your car.

All our used cars are HPI checked, MOT’d, and serviced before leaving our forecourts or nationwide car units.

To find out more about our key worker limited offer, call us now on 02382 549 222 and speak with one of our friendly advisors or to get instant car finance approval, click aqui and we’ll contact you with further details on taking the next steps in owning a quality used car.


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