Profits go up for Lamborghini during Covid

20/03/2021 / Comments 0 / 367 / News 2021
Profits go up for Lamborghini during Covid
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Unbelievably the luxury high-end car manufacturer Lamborghini had its most successful year ever in 2020. This also comes about after having to close its Italian factory operations for two months during the 2020 pandemic. This achievement came as a massive shock to Lamborghini’s chief executive Stephan Winkelmann.

Actually, sales were down from the previous year but the company sold more expensive and made to order, customised supercars which drove their profits higher. The biggest marketplace for 2020 was China, overtaking Germany into second place. Another key to Lamborghini’s success was the introduction of their new SUV called Urus, this new model accounted for 59% of worldwide sales.

The Chinese market has seen an increase in demand for luxury high-end SUVs like Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and Bentley. The major breakthrough has been from Urus, which has seen an enormous return of investment and also generating increased profitability for the luxury carmaker. Mr. Winkelmann has been quoted as saying, “Urus is giving us peace of mind in terms of earnings, and the future earnings are giving us the confidence to reinvest in the future”.

Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen and had a total sales achievement for 2020 of 7,430 cars worldwide, second only to 2019, where it achieved a staggering 8,250 in car sales. But the higher profits came from the “limited special series” cars.

Electric cars and the biggest marketplace
In the electric car market for Lamborghini, China is predicted to be the car company’s second-biggest market for 2021, replacing Germany as number one for the first time ever. Lamborghini’s biggest customer is the US market, as it delivered a total of 2,224 cars in 2020.

As with all car manufacturers, Lamborghini has had to invest heavily into producing electric cars, as more countries are tightening their emissions regulations. No plans have yet been laid out by the carmaker to build electric supercars but lookout for an announcement in April of 2021.

There are rumours that the Volkswagen Group will be looking to sell off Lamborghini but Mr. Winkelmann has responded by saying. “Volkswagen Group is the perfect match for Lamborghini”.

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