Petrol stations era may be over

16/07/2021 / Comments 0 / 438 / News 2021
Petrol stations era may be over
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It’s an obvious question at the back of all our minds, with the increasing market share of electric vehicles and the ongoing future restructuring of car manufacturers to reduce and eventually halt the production of fossil fuel cars. What’s going to happen to all our petrol stations when we switch over to electric?

It’s widely predicted that electric cars are going to end the petrol station business over the next two decades, turning electric cars and other electric vehicles into the default option for car owners. This isn’t just because the government has banned the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2030 but if you think about it in more detail, we were developing fossil fuel facilities with giant underground storage tanks for highly flammable liquids, and then without any formal training we’re asking members of the public to use highly powerful pumps to inject thousands of gallons of fuel into hot engines, at risk of igniting during the process.

Electric alternative

On the other hand, electricity is already a very common thing in the household, at work or in most places we visit every day. The way to look at it is, there are access points wherever you look, and it will be a simple case of making the electricity network more accessible by routing simple connection points to make life easier for all-electric vehicle users. The government’s plan is to have an electric charging point available at most car parking places across the UK.

Bearing in mind we currently have around 7% of all new car production that are electric cars, so at the moment there isn’t a huge demand, but we all know an electric car revolution is coming, and there’s already huge investments being made into building a charging network infrastructure. This is more noticeable with local authorities installing charging points inside lampposts and less obtrusive places, like inside curbs. This is only just the start of future innovations.

It’s also becoming more common for businesses to provide charging points for their customers. So with this clear evidence, the conclusion is that the end is near for petrol and diesel filling stations across the country, and the UK has around 8,380.

Present time

For now, all used car consumers can do is either invest in new electric cars or continue buying an affordable quality used cars until circumstances change. By doing the latter, it would be advisable to have the choice of 1000’s of quality used cars, so you have the best options available to you, and you’ll be more likely to choose the most suitable used car tailor-made for you, and at an affordable price.

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