Part Exchange with Best Price Car Sales

23/04/2021 / Comments 0 / 499 / News 2021
Part Exchange with Best Price Car Sales
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How often have you owned a car on finance and thought after a couple of years that you could do with a change? But you’ve checked your finance agreement and see you have another 3 to 5 years left to run. So you carry on and drive a car you’re bored with or are constantly costing you money due to mechanical issues or other reasons. Walking to your car you’re not fond of can be very disconcerting, especially if you rely on it on a daily basis. You need a car you want to have fun driving all the time, and absolute confidence that it will start on those cold wintery mornings or in the dark of night.

At Southampton-based Best Price Car Sales, we as employees and owners alike have all been there too, we’ve all been in that same predicament. As a family-run business, it’s much easier to think of ideas and deals to help our customers and let’s not be naive, it’s also good for our business to be flexible as possible in trying to get a deal done, where both parties, (customer and BPCS) are happy.

In three easy steps, with our part exchange valuation service, you can be driving a newer used car within days of contacting us.

Step One
Simply give us a call and ask to speak to one of our advisors about part exchanging your old car. They will ask you about your current car. And questions like, mileage, condition, MOT, accidents, etc. The call is based on a question of trust and honesty, in order for us to give you the best price for your car. If you are too busy, you can go here and book a call for when it’s convenient for us to call you, so we can take you through the process.

Step Two
Once we have given you a valuation, we can now understand what you would like for us to do for you. A common request we can normally fulfill is to look at your outstanding finance on your car. If you have taken a car finance loan and still have years to pay it off, we as a licenced finance broker can help you. We will then ask you to get a final settlement email or letter, so we know the exact amount outstanding. Once we have this information, our advisors can work with you in getting the right car financing for you, in order for you to not only pay off your existing loan but acquire a new car loan to purchase a newer used car, and at an affordable rate.

Step Three
The best step of the three! You can now choose a new used car of your dreams, or one that fits your budget. Step three is probably also the easiest step too. We are able to provide you with high-quality images of a vast selection of our high quality used cars, and plus a virtual video walkthrough of your finally chosen used car, just so you can have the peace of mind that you are buying the right car, knowing everything inside and out is what you expect at the time of delivery.

As part of our standard service offering, Best Price Car Sales offer all of our customers a free car delivery service anywhere in England and Wales. We can deliver at your doorstep or place of work. Normally delivery can be made within three days, from start to finish.

To find out more about our current deals and offers, call us on 02382 549 222 and speak with one of our friendly advisors. To arrange for instant car finance, click here and find out if you can get approved today.


Best Price Car Part Exchange
Best Price Car Part Exchange
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