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One of the best used electric cars

12/11/2021 / Comments 0 / 155 / News 2021
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Every now and then, it’s only right to highlight stand-out used cars that have been tried and tested, unlike brand new cars that have no history in the various forums online which can either be very positive or very damning for the car involved.

One such used electric car that seems to always get good reviews and great feedback is the Renault Zoe. This car has been around since 2013, so it’s stood the test of time and any faults or recalls are most likely a thing of the past now.

The Zoe

Renault’s The Zoe is considered to be a purpose-built electric hatchback that has pathed the way to low-cost electric motoring. The Zoe offers quite an impressive range of trim levels and power options, making this used electric car one of the most affordable used cars on the market. Even more so in these current times with the increase in petrol and diesel at the pumps in the UK.

The beginning

In 2013, Renault decided to introduce an electric car to meet the growing demand in the new electric car industry demonstrated by the likes of Tesla. Instead of directing their electric car to the higher end of the market, Renault decided to reach out to the motoring masses with an affordable all-electric, zero-emissions car.

Let’s not forget the generous grants given by the British government’s Office for Low Emissions or OLEV. One small sticking point was whatever the price you pay towards the car depending on the trim and power level, you would have to add extra money for the rental charge of the lithium-ion battery supplied by Renault. Then in 2016, you had the option to buy a Zoe outright complete with the lithium-ion battery, but the option comes with an additional money premium, ranging in the £1000s. Bear in mind that if the battery performance starts to decline and you’ve taken the rental route, Renault will just replace it at no extra cost. So in some cases, rental probably is the best way to go.

The range

Not only is The Zoe a great value-for-money electric used car, but it also boasts one the best range between charges amongst its competitors in the electric car market. So having a range of up to 180 miles, only highlights how affordable and a huge cost saving a used electric car like this can offer you.

The past gremlins

To give a fair and honest review of The Zoe is to inform you of the bad things that you may find that may give you a reason to not choose this used electric car. Or the following may not be a make-or-break issue.  With the Signature model, it has an excellent Bose sound system with a subwoofer placed in the boot, giving you a less than modest boot space. Some may find this an issue but make sure you check the boot before you make the decision in purchasing this model.

Be aware, the electric charging cables aren’t cheap, so if you are buying a used Zoe electric car, make sure the cables come with the car or you’ll have an additional £300 to fork out for a new set.

In order to help pedestrians in giving them a heads up as to when a Zoe is approaching, the Zoe emits a loud hum, which can be switched off if you feel it’s too annoying. Remember this is a safety feature for pedestrians and not for the owners of The Zoe, so it’s advisable to keep this feature active.  The real gremlin is, at 50mph the Renault Zoe has another sound that it emits – wind noise.

How can you get one?

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Even if you still have your old car and it has outstanding finance on it, by going through our portfolio of the UK’s best car lenders, we should be able to get any outstanding finance settled and get you into a newer used car of your choice.

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