Nissan invest in workshops for youngsters

30/06/2021 / Comments 0 / 574 / News 2021
Nissan invest in workshops for youngsters
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Car giant Nissan has announced they will be investing in workshops for children to encourage the next generation of car engineers due to the start of production on the new hybrid Qashqai car which begins in Sunderland.

Nissan Pledges to offer all North East youngsters places in their workshops to commemorate the start of the third-generation Qashqai compact SUV production. The 1st generation Qashqai came out in 2006 and is officially Nissan’s most successful SUV in terms of sales, with more than three million Qashqais being sold across Europe since production began.

The purpose of the new project is to plant seeds and inspire pupils into engineering and science careers.

A total of £400m had been earmarked for investment into the Sunderland plant which employs around 7,000 people, in order to build the new Qashqai SUV. The name of the foundation is called The Nissan Skills Foundation, which was originally started in 2014, and was purely set up to garner interest from children ages between seven and eighteen into the manufacturing, engineering arena. Since the foundation was established, more than 65,000 young people throughout the region of the North East have taken part in events.

A difficult year

In a statement from Alan Johnson, the vice president for Nissan manufacturing in the UK, said “We know it has been a tough year for young people, so we’re using the launch of this next-generation car to step up our efforts to inspire the next generation of manufacturing talent”.

“We want every child in the North East of England to have the opportunity to be inspired by the Nissan Skills Foundation”.

The new vehicle is designed to be driven by an electric motor, whilst the petrol engine will be used to recharge the vehicle’s battery.

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