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NI awarded £3.37m electric charger funding

18/11/2021 / Comments 0 / 113 / News 2021
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ESB which is the company that operates the electric vehicle charging network for Northern Ireland has been awarded the government’s Levelling Up Fund of £3.37m which has been set up to support infrastructure projects such as electric car Charge Points. Northern Ireland up to now has been the only part of the UK which had yet to apply for government funding. 

A statement from ESB announced their mission will be to expand and enhance the EV charging network. This will also mean the introduction of the high-power 200kW charging, which will be a first in Northern Ireland. ESB plans to install five high-power charging stations in strategic locations throughout Northern Ireland.

The planned high-powered 200kW charging hubs can charge multiple vehicles at the same time and give them each a charge range of 100km, just from a six-minute charge. This is giving drivers more confidence in knowing that fully charging an electric car will be just as easy and less time-consuming than filling up with fossil fuels.

With the funding from the government and the combined investment from ESB, the existing Fast 22kW and Rapid 50kW chargers will be upgraded to the high power 200kW, so look out for these upgrades in the coming months.

ESB’s Marguerite Sayers stated that the funding was the most significant investment of its kind in Northern Ireland since the first EV chargers were installed more than 10 years ago.

“This investment will completely revamp the EV charging network in Northern Ireland, modernising it, making it faster and more reliable to support the growing numbers of EVs on our roads,” she said.

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