How to make your car journeys less boring

We all know long car journeys can often be so boring, especially if the journeys are going on for hours and hours. It’s even worse when you’re in slow-moving traffic and you can see miles and miles of tailbacks. Conversations with whoever is in the car can also dry up […]

Extraordinary car facts to amuse you

When we start up our cars each day, we sometimes forget just how amazing these technical marvels are. No one apart from a fully qualified car mechanic or NASA scientist can really know the full extent of the modern technology that’s inside your incredible machine.

5 Best Used Convertibles

Summertime has finally arrived, we’ve survived what we hope is the worst of the pandemic. We now have Euro 2020, with bars and pubs opening back up and it’s the start of sunny days and great days out in the car.

UEFA Euro 2020 – Best Price Car Sales

The UEFA European Championship, which will still retain the name as UEFA Euro 2020, takes place precisely one year later than first scheduled due to the cancellation from the covid pandemic. This tournament will make history as it will be held in 12 cities in 12 different countries for the […]

Why electric cars are becoming so popular

In reality, not many of us have driven an electric car yet, and have not really even thought about owning one. So why are we even making the assumption that these types of vehicles will prove to be so popular in such a short space of time? We will tell […]

Driving Home For 2021

December 20th 2019 famously became FRANTIC FRIDAY as motorists in their droves hit the UK’s road networks, making driving conditions highly stressful at the best of times. For many, with their work done and dusted for 2019, their festive holiday season had started. More commuters on the road in 2021, […]

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