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Mistakes to avoid when spring cleaning your car

23/03/2022 / Comments 0 / 66 / News 2022
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We all know it doesn’t hurt to give your car a good spring cleaning every so often.This not only makes you thoroughly proud of your nice clean car but also gets rid of any ground in dirt that builds up over time.

But, mistakes can be made on when to actually begin the process of doing your deep cleaning or spring cleaning. Our guide will also advise you on when to never wash your car.


If you have either leather or cloth seats, it’s most important not to leave them to not have a  build -up of grime and dirt. This by no means never looks pleasant and neither is it hygienic or nice and comfortable to sit on. 

It’s always advisable when cleaning leather and cloth seats to never use any household disinfectant such as bleach, which will ruin the overall appearance of most materials.

The two basic rules to follow:

Leather seats

Never soak your seats completely and the best natural cleaning solution is white vinegar, mixed in hot water and a dash of washing-up liquid. Once your seats have fully dried, apply a reputable leather conditioner to increase the look and longevity of your leather car seats.

Cloth seats

Firstly as you would normally do, give your cloth seats a good vacuum clean, and like before, use a combined solution of hot water, white vinegar, and a dash of washing up liquid. Then scrub the solution thoroughly into the fabric with a soft brush to liven up the fabric.

Wheels first

It’s normally the recommended practice of most professional car washers to wash the dirtiest part of the car, the wheels. The practice is to use a high-pressure washer to get rid of most of the dirt. Then you can start the hand cleaning process of applying a wet sponge to wipe each tyre and wheel alloy clean.

Heat is bad

The best advice we can give you and one of the biggest mistakes most car owners make is to wash their car on a hot day, or with the engine still running. This can severely affect the finish of your car once you have completed the wash. Washing your car in hot heat means you will quickly dry the soap you have applied at the start of your car wash, causing water marks all over your car. This doesn’t make it any easier to successfully wash your car within the normal time ranges. Never wash your car until the engine has fully cooled and when doing so, try and do it in the shade if temperatures are on the hot side.

Paint damage mistakes

Sometimes it’s very tempting to use a harsh material like a brillo pad to try and remove dried dirt off the bodywork but hopefully, you’re one of the smart ones who doesn’t use this option, as it will damage your car’s paintwork. Even drying your car with something simple like a towel can cause small scratches. The best option is to always dry your car using a microfibre-cloth to soak up and wipe off any residual water on your car.

No car shampoo?

Many people deciding to wash their cars without car shampoo lying around think it’ll be okay to wander in the kitchen and root around for a bottle of washing-up liquid. Big mistake, this could be a major cause of fading your car’s paintwork and in the long run, could cost you hundreds of pounds to get a respray for your car.

We do it right

Every car sold or delivered by Best Price Car Sales which is based in Southampton, will be thoroughly inspected, washed, and cleaned inside and out by trained car valeters. They will endeavour to remove any stains or ground-in dirt, using trusted methods relied on within the used car industry.

Along with that, all our used cars sold come with a full warranty and HPI check. We also make sure that any used car we sell has an up-to-date MOT. On top of that, Best Price Car Sales deliver our used cars free of charge throughout the UK. 

If we don’t have the right used car for you, we have a car sourcing service that scours the UK to find and purchase the right used car that ticks all your boxes.

To enquire about our massive range of used cars, part exchange offers, and current exclusive deals, call us now on 02382 543 928 or if you want an instant decision on car finance, click here now to get instant approval.

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