Land Rover new Covid air filtration

20/03/2021 / Comments 0 / 370 / News 2021
Land Rover new Covid air filtration
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The carmaker Jaguar — Land Rover has announced their plans to create an air filtration system designed to combat up to 97% of viruses and airborne bacteria. The technology is similar to having a face mask for a car’s HVAC system, as it’s modelled on the Panasonic Nanoe X technology.

Nanoe Technology

The company’s other models which also include the Land Rover Defender comes with the Nanoe technology and PM2.5 filter system installed. By creating the Nanoe X, the cars will be ten times more protected and offer a much greater level of safety for the driver and passengers inside. The actual technology relies on emitting a high voltage which creates trillions of hydroxyl (OH) radicals enveloped in nano-sized water molecules. It’s one of the sturdiest forms of antibacterial defence created by man.

The viruses and bacteria proteins become nullified as soon as they come in contact with the filtration system which kills the protein’s ability to reproduce or grow. The OH radicals also destroy other allergens and mold, but the biggest factor is, they are completely harmless to humans.

Independent Laboratories

One thing which Jaguar Land Rover has stimulated is, they’re so confident about the new technology that instead of performing the tests in-house, they have decided to award the British laboratory Perfectus Biomed to perform all tests that simulate a car’s ventilation system, in the recirculation mode for periods of 30-minutes in a scientifically sealed chamber environment. The initial results came out at 97% of the viruses and airborne viruses were destroyed. Also, the Panasonic Nanoe X technology has now been independently proven to work by a leading French laboratory called Texcell, declaring 99.995% of the coronaviruses.

In the Meantime

As the established UK used car dealership, Best Price Car Sales is unable to retrofit this new technology into any of our used cars or used vans stocks at this time. But we will make a promise that once this product is readily available in the used car market, we will begin to focus on vehicles with this type of technology fitted.

At this stage in the UK’s current Covid crisis, Best Price Car Sales have made adjustments to the way we do business, in order to protect our customers. This starts from fully sanitising all our showrooms, to deep cleaning all our used cars and used vans before they are delivered to your home or place of work, free of charge. Keeping in line with safety measures, we also offer virtual video car tours, which involve a fully immersive presentation of your chosen car before you decide to go ahead with finalising your purchase.

Our telephone part exchange service enables all our customers to use their old car for part-exchange. The advisor will ask a short selection of questions and give you a valuation promise, so you can use this as a form of deposit and to lower your monthly car payments.

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