How to make your car journeys less boring

16/06/2021 / Comments 0 / 494 / News 2021
How to make your car journeys less boring
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We all know long car journeys can often be so boring, especially if the journeys are going on for hours and hours. It’s even worse when you’re in slow-moving traffic and you can see miles and miles of tailbacks. Conversations with whoever is in the car can also dry up and your only source of amusement is staring endlessly out of the window and wishing for the journey to end as soon as possible.

Best Price Car Sales has come up with a few ideas which we hope will make your journeys less boring, but we’re not saying we can perform miracles!

Playing online games on your smartphone

We can now say with some accuracy that in the year 2021, the majority of the UK’s population has an iPhone or Android device. We are now downloading millions of apps and games to help entertain us. Even when you are the driver, there’s nothing better to keep the brain active by having a break at a service station and playing a couple of games to keep you alert and focused while you take a break.

Listen to podcasts

Before your journey, why not do some research in downloading topical podcasts to listen to on your journeys. It’s environments like inside a car when it’s the most opportune place to listen to via earphones or bluetooth. This way, you can’t say you didn’t have the time, either.

Seek tourist destinations enroute

This is handy if your destination is many hours away. By using your smartphone you’re able to look up tourist destinations that can easily be accessed without the need to make drastic changes to your direction of travel. Not only can it be entertaining but a nice break to combat any boredom for you or your family in the car.

Tidying up your smartphone

Out of all our suggestions, this is probably the most mundane but what better time to do it when you have run out of other ideas and you’re a passenger. This time can be spent going through those hundreds of unread emails and making your phone more optimised, organised and user-friendly until another year goes by.

So on your next long car journey, start to learn how you can think ahead to make it more enjoyable, especially if you know the journey will be going on for many hours. By owning a quality used car or upgrading to a newer used car, why not consider giving Best Price Car Sales a look, to see if we can help your journey become even more enjoyable and less stressful because all the quality used cars we have in stock are thoroughly checked, and come with a full warranty. We can also source thousands of more used cars through our network of partners and resources. All of our used cars purchased can be delivered free of charge to your home or place of business whenever is convenient for you.

Call us now on 02382 549 222 or come online to speak to one of our friendly advisors or simply click here to apply for instant car finance and get approved now.


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