Freedom Day UK 2021

22/07/2021 / Comments 0 / 382 / News 2021
Freedom Day UK 2021
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The UK celebrated a huge event on Monday the 19th of July, it marked the end of most of the Covid-19 restrictions that has plagued the UK for what seems like an eternity. England has ditched masks and social distancing restrictions and this day will forever go down in history as Freedom Day.

Monday marked the end of the laws that didn’t allow us to be in groups, visit shops, go to work, go to the hair salon or barbers, or go to nightclubs. The list was endless. Up and down the country, young people, including the ones who have never been to a nightclub or pub, celebrated like England had won the Euros as the clocks struck midnight, and sparked a multitude of well-earned celebrations. The government played its role by vaccinating enormous sectors of the UK’s population but has warned, we must remain cautious and continue with the vaccination efforts to ensure the pandemic is finally eradicated throughout the country.

It’s been a long and extremely hard year and a half for businesses, who are on the side of caution with celebrations but embracing it still the same, and so they should. There are still some businesses and people in the community who have still decided for their own personal reasons to keep wearing masks and adhering to safety measures, which is completely understandable, and let’s all hope this will be something that will gradually go away. The country needs time to heal, mentally and financially, and as they say, time is the best healer.

Time to remember

It’ll be nice for the UK to mark another day when we are fully back to normal. Remembering the ones we have lost to this awful pandemic. In total in the United Kingdom, approximately 129,000 people lost their lives to Covid-19. More than likely, most of us have been connected to someone who had fallen ill or died from this virus. We should never forget the frontline workers who risked their lives to help others in their hour of need, such as doctors, nurses, care workers, and all key workers who went above and beyond to be the UK’s guardian angels. We thank you.

Time to have fun

What the government wants and needs now is the return to a robust and strong economy, and for businesses to re-emerge and bring back a sense of normality to the high street and various industry sectors. This will also be the time for the birth of new entrepreneurs to get us back into 1st gear on the road to full UK recovery.

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