Ford going all-electric in 2030

20/03/2021 / Comments 0 / 397 / News 2021
Ford going all-electric in 2030
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The world-renowned car manufacturer, Ford will be draughting plans to go fully electric by 2030. This announcement will be a massive encouragement for more car manufacturers to follow suit. And even sooner, by 2026, all its cars will be available as electric or hybrid. This move will mean that Ford will be joining the likes of Jaguar and Bentley, who are also cutting petrol and diesel production.

Ford will be investing a massive £720m in the modification of its factory in Cologne, with the target of mass-producing fully electric vehicles by 2023. The announcement will transform the Cologne facility, the home of all operations in Germany for the next 90 years. This will be one of the most significant changes made by Ford in over a generation.

This vast investment is showing, this is really the only direction for the car industry to go down and Ford will be one of the front runners. Ford so far is the largest car manufacturer with a 15% market share of the region to make such a statement for its future in Europe.

Jaguar Land Rover

A statement recently released from Jaguar said its cars will be going all-electric by 2030 and plans to have its brand electrified by 2025. This is a similar plan laid out by GM and Volvo Cars. Jaguar is one of the first mid to high-range car manufacturers to begin planning and implementing a roadmap for 2030.

Conforming to new regulations

New regulations laid out for 2021 have stated that carmakers in the EU will be imposed hefty fines if they fail to meet EU emissions standards. This also comes about with the UK planning to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 and France setting a similar target by 2040.

Further plans have been laid out for Coventry Airport site to begin manufacturing electric car batteries. The UK government has also announced a £500m funding as part of its ten-point plan in supporting the electrification of vehicles, which will include gigafactories like the site being selected at Coventry Airport.

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