Ford decide to phase out the Mondeo

23/04/2021 / Comments 0 / 430 / News 2021
Ford decide to phase out the Mondeo
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Probably one of the saddest announcements a major car manufacturer has ever made, the ending of production of one the greatest car names in UK history, the Ford Mondeo. This car has withstood the test of time with many versions over its 29-year history. What made this car special was its popularity with company car executives and as a family car, this car was up there as one of the very best.

Launched in 1993
The Ford Mondeo was launched in 1993 and since then has gone on to sell five million cars. But over the years, demand has shifted towards SUVs and lower emission cars, so slowly but surely the sales have been dropping year on year, even though new and improved models have emerged on a regular basis. The announcement by Ford has stated that production will cease at the Valencia plant in the earlier part of 2022.

As the motor industry continues to evolve towards zero emissions, Ford’s business model in the UK and Europe is having to adapt by investing heavily in hybrid and electric vehicles. The goal will be to go fully electric by 2030 and make available a full range of hybrids or electric option vehicles by 2026. “Today is another step on Ford’s electrification journey, providing a bridge to an all-electric passenger vehicle future,” said Kieran Cahill, vice-president of manufacturing at Ford Europe.

The word “Mondeo man” was iconic during the ’90s and was also highlighted by past British Prime Minister, Tony Blair at the Labour Party Conference in 1996. It was a speech directed to attract the centre voter, which he categorised as the hard-working voter and the new hope for the Labour Party. But as time moved on, so did the attractiveness of the Labour Party and now the Ford Mondeo. May this iconic model rest in peace and never be forgotten.

Some Good News
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