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Coches eléctricos vs coches de combustible

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In this day and age, is this a question worth asking? Governments, the media, and environmental activists around the world have highlighted the increasing damage to the earth’s climate and we’re now seeing more and more natural disasters occurring globally.

So, really there’s no better time to consider going electric. Not only is it the right thing to do but your neighbours, family, friends, and work colleagues will admire and appreciate what you’re doing and most probably follow suit. The truth be told, you are never going to be criticised for going electric, there’ll be no comeback or protest marches outside your home or place of work.

As technology is constantly evolving, science is always searching for new solutions to find a replacement for fossil fuels and a permanent sustainable energy source that can be used to run the world’s transportation infrastructure.

The current electric solution

Electric cars are considered as being non-polluting and very reliable in terms of linear performance. The latest research is, electric cars produce a massive 17% to 30% fewer emissions than driving a petrol or diesel car. The ultimate goal which has been a target date set by governments across the globe is zero emissions. The one factor which is fairly obvious as things stand now, fossil fuel vehicles take little time to replenish and fill up. But electric vehicles need a long time to be charged.

As things stand now, electric vehicles sales have been greater than diesel vehicles in the UK for the past two months running. This also reaffirms that you’re not making the change over alone and means more and more charging points will be made available up and down the country to accommodate the upsurge in the electric revolution.

Some more important factors to consider

The benefits of going electric are less maintenance required on an electric vehicle, no need to top up coolants, engine oils, and fluid transmission. But the same will still apply for things like brakes, suspension, tyres, etc. The most important factor would be, charging is cheaper than the price of fossil fuels, so your first charge will be an instant saving, and thereafter in the future too.

Deciding the best options for you

At Best Price Car Sales, we have a team of highly experienced advisors who are on hand to discuss your electric used car requirements. We will listen to your needs and wants, and hopefully offer you the best answers which will enable you to come away from us with a good quality used electric car which will give you years of pleasure and satisfaction, but more importantly, no more filling up with earth polluting fossil fuels.

To find out more about what Venta de coches al mejor precio can do for you, as well as our intercambio de la parte promise, car finance options, and deals which can enable you to walk away with a cash rebate, call us now on 02382 549 222 o haga clic en aquí to apply for instant car finance approval today.


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