Otras 3 mejores formas de sobrevivir al encierro

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Another 3 Best Ways of Surviving Lockdown
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A medida que nos atascamos en otro encierro, adquirimos nuevos hábitos, nuevas formas de vida, nuevas formas de afrontar la situación y nos aislamos a regañadientes del mundo exterior. La luz al final del túnel, es el gran avance de la nueva vacuna introducida por varias compañías farmacéuticas.

At Best Price Car Sales, we have researched more ways of surviving the current lockdown, after learning from experiences from the previous ones.

Probably the easiest trap to fall into, is having a poor diet when stuck indoors, this is mainly due to boredom and needing something to snack into while either surfing the internet or watching an epic box set. It’s also easy to have healthy snack options like chopped carrots and dips, like houmous or a multitude of various delicious alternatives. It’s advised to try to stick to regular meal and snack times and keep to it. Why not write a weekly meal plan before your weekly shop, and by doing so, could also save you money and having to waste leftover food.

Working from home
Overall, we enjoy working from home to begin with. The prospects of only having to go from the bedroom to bathroom, and from there to either the kitchen or your home office. No need to wear work clothes, brush your teeth, or worry too much about personal hygiene! If you can, try to use a strong sense of self discipline and actually stick to your start and finish times. Splitting up your day by taking proper lunch breaks away from your PC or laptop or if you’re allowed, go for a stroll out.

The most important thing to remember in this scenario is to keep in touch with people you would either meet regulary or keep tabs on in a normal world. It’s very easy to fall into the isolation bubble and feel cut off. Paranoia can also start to set in with people you’ve previously had a close relationship with, when you’re wondering why your best friend or girlfriend haven’t been as vocal as they normally are. Remember, we’re all in this together, and no harm in making the effort and just send a text or a simple call to say hello. Another way to bounce ideas off other friends, family or loved ones is by asking them what they’re doing to get through this pandemic. Also it won’t hurt to just check on other people’s wellbeing.

Even the Best Price Cars family are having to go through what everyone else is going through during these dark times. As a family run business, we’re constantly in touch with each other via social media and using it for not only work but for social purposes too. With the online and mobile technology we’re using, our business is able to function more or less as normal. We are able to display all of our used cars online, and even able to source additional used cars we don’t currently stock. With our portfolio of the best lenders in the UK, we can in most cases get car finance approved instantly, and have your new used car delivered to your door or place of work the next day.

Got an old car you can’t get rid of? Why not let one of our advisors give you a competitive part exchange valuation, and use this towards your deposit for your car finance too.

To find out more about our additional offers and social distancing measures, call us on 02382 544 186 and speak with one of our friendly advisors or click here and apply for instant car finance now.


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