Classic dilemmas vol. 2: Diesel or Petrol?

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 327 / News 2020
Classic dilemmas vol. 2: Diesel or Petrol?
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There is not a right or wrong answer to this question. There are only conditions.

To pick up from where we left in the last article while looking for the perfect used car, that ticks all your boxes when it comes to looks, the second dilemma that will pop up is the “Diesel vs Petrol”.

In this article, we will analyse all the pluses and minuses of each type of fuel, so you feel more comfortable when choosing your new used car.

The common perception that prevails about diesel-powered cars is that they consume less fuel and have lower running costs.

These are certainly some of the pluses of the diesel cars but buyers have to be informed of both sides of the equation.

Let’s begin!

+ Cost of purchase

+ Engine performance

+ Simple and cost-effective engine

– Pollution of the environment

– Resale value depreciates at a fast rate.

– Durability

+ Low fuel consumption

+ Durability

+ Resale value

– Cost of purchase

– Cost of maintenance

So let’s get more specific, which one is in the best interest for you to buy?

Let us see, step by step the impact of each type of fuel in your pocket

Cost per Mile
If you travel many miles every day for work, the last thing you would want would be to be constantly at the petrol station to refuel your used car. Just to clarify this, when we say many miles, we mean more than 30 miles per day.

In that case, there is no doubt that diesel cars are a much wiser choice than petrol cars since diesel-powered engines are consuming as much as 30% less than their petrol counterpart.

Cost of purchase
Traditionally, petrol cars are cheaper than diesel cars and the price difference may vary from £1,000 up to £3,000. That extra bit you would pay for a diesel car, practically you would recoup it with the lower consumption and the lower emission taxes that come with it.

Cost of maintenance
Regarding the maintenance, petrol engines are more durable than diesel engines, however, when weighing the costs under ideal conditions (consistent maintenance, refuelling from gas stations with “clean” fuel) the maintenance cost of a diesel car is about the same as a petrol car.

Road performance
If the challenge between the two engines was a race of endurance, then petrol would very easily win the battle, mainly because at lower speeds the discs, the pads and the tires could cover twice the distance than with a petrol engine, simply because these parts would wear out way less.

At Best Price Car Sales, we sell only exceptional used cars and used vans. When we bring in new used cars in our stock, we try to keep the number of petrol and diesel cars balanced, just so we can broaden the choices our customers can make for their new used car. If we do not have the specific car that you are looking for, we could gladly source it for you by using our humongous domestic network of the finest car suppliers that one can find in the UK.

Furthermore, we offer free of cost nationwide delivery to the address of your choice. Once it arrives, you will be able to inspect your new automobile and give it a test drive. Only after you have received it and you are pleased with it, you would have to make payment. We have the options to either pay cash, pay via bank transfer or instant car finance.

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