Classic Dilemmas: Manual or Automatic?

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Classic Dilemmas: Manual or Automatic?
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While searching the ideal used car for you, you will bump into many dilemmas, two of which are the most usual.

The first one is known as the classic “Diesel vs Petrol” while the second concerns the choice you will make regarding the gearbox.

Manual or Automatic? Which gearbox should you choose?

That is a great question…

In this article we will weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of each gearbox so you can choose with more confidence, your new used car.

Let’s start then!

Manual Gearbox
You are in full control of the car.

One of the main advantages that the manual gearbox has over the automatic is the fact that the driver has got full control of his car. This is the main reason as to why car enthusiasts are desperately looking for manual car only in the used car market.

The direct communication with the vehicle and the torque control, enables the driver to use the full range of engine speeds, aiming at maximum efficiency.

You are moving cost-effectively
However, the manual transmission is not only for those who want to enjoy a flawless driving experience but also, for those looking for a car with low fuel consumption.

By changing gear ratios when the tachometer indicator is still in low numbers, with a manual transmission you can ensure reduced consumption and greater autonomy in your used car’s tank.

Low service costs
Whether we talking about new cars or used cars, cars with a manual gearbox are cheaper to purchase and very often their resell value stays at an acceptable level.

Their maintenance is simple and for sure more cost-effective than their counterpart, while their spare parts would be cheaper to replace.

You will not find any disadvantage in cars with manual transmission. What matters is what you are looking for in your next used car.

Automatic Gearbox
Unlike the manual transmission that uses a mechanical clutch, the automatic transmission has hydraulic systems called torque converters.

In general, the driving experience while in an automatic car is more comfortable and smoother.

Ideal for traffic jams
Nobody likes traffic while on the road. An automatic transmission gearbox makes your life easier in the regard because you would not need to change gear from “dead” to first and vice versa for every 10 meters you travel.

Automatic cars are more expensive
One of the biggest disadvantages that cars with automatic transmission have, is that the cost of purchase is considerably higher than their manual counterparts. It is a result of the more complex system that is required for an automatic car to run in contrast with the much more simply designed manual gearboxes.

Higher fuel consumption and high maintenance cost
In terms of fuel consumption, the automatic transmission gearboxes are not more inexpensive than the manual ones and the main reason is their increased weight in comparison to manual cars and their higher energy consumption required for their operation.

Finally, the cost of maintaining an automatic transmission is also higher compared to the manual.

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