Warning signs to change your car

92 / News 2021
image if a male car mechanic under a car bonnet

As the old saying goes, ‘it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ A quote by Charles Dickens that could easily describe the experiences we’ve nearly all had with our cars. From personal experiences, I’ve owned cars where I had to hope and pray something would break on my journey and also recall a few times I was stuck in a petrol station and on a dual carriageway waiting for an hour or more for the breakdown truck to come and rescue me. For me personally, the latter incident told me it was time for a change.

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One of the best used electric cars

154 / News 2021
image of a Nissan electric car on the road

Every now and then, it’s only right to highlight stand-out used cars that have been tried and tested, unlike brand new cars that have no history in the various forums online which can either be very positive or very damning for the car involved.

One such used electric car that seems to always get good reviews and great feedback is the Renault Zoe. This car has been around since 2013, so it’s stood the test of time and any faults or recalls are most likely a thing of the past now.

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Tesla allowing universal charger use

219 / News 2021
image of Tesla charging points

To date, Tesla has the largest charging network in the world, with over 25,000 charging stations located globally. Before the announcement, the charging station or “supercharger” locations were only available to Tesla customers but Tesla has decided to open its network to non-Tesla drivers. This in turn is designed to ensure consumers wishing to choose an electric car don’t have to only look at the electric car manufacturer with the biggest charging network.

Pilot scheme 

To begin with, Tesla will be opening up its network with 10 locations in the Netherlands with the plan to further expand the scheme worldwide. This will give access to the other major global car manufacturers using the CCS (Combined Charging System) port. Such systems are currently used by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and the Volkswagen group.

Non-Tesla drivers

In order to be able to gain access to the Tesla supercharger network in the Netherlands as a non-Tesla driver, all you will need to do is download the Tesla app and create an account. All registered users will then be able to search for all the “non-Tesla” supercharger locations. The plan also involves charging an additional charge for all non-Tesla drivers to use the network.

Increase sales and growth

Tesla sold 241,391 Tesla cars in the third quarter of 2021, which in turn has raised their market share value to $1 trillion when the figures were announced. This rare achievement has made Tesla the fifth firm in history to reach this milestone. The others who have hit the $1 trillion mark are Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google-owner Alphabet.

Quashing of order rumours

Early in November 2021, it was announced by Hertz that a deal was done to purchase 100,000 Tesla electric cars, making it the biggest-ever rental car order of its kind for the purchase of electric vehicles solely for the rental car market. This announcement had driven the Tesla share price by 12.6% but the following week, Elon Musk tweeted, “I’d like to emphasize that no contract has been signed yet.”

Bizarrely, Hertz was quoted by the BBC as saying, “deliveries of the Teslas have already started.” A spokeswoman said: “As we announced last week, Hertz has made an initial order of 100,000 Tesla electric vehicles and is investing in new EV (electric vehicle) charging infrastructure across the company’s global operations.”

Tesla and Hertz now refuse to confirm or deny whether or not a contract has actually been agreed and signed.

Great news for prospective customers in the UK

The news from Tesla will be the first step in opening up a network of superchargers in the UK too, and the combination of the other major electric car manufacturers using the CCS port will further boost consumer confidence even more.

It’s been widely known that as it stands now, the sales of brand new vehicles have slowed dramatically due to shortages of materials such as microchips, which has increased the demand in the used car market. The biggest demand has been for used cars under 5 years old. 

Used car dealers such as Best Price Car Sales who are based in Southampton are one of the front runners in acquiring quality used hybrid and electric used cars and meeting the demand in the ever-increasing used car marketplace.

If you are one of the many car buyers looking to go electric in the near future, it will be reassuring to know there will be a very substantial charging network to accommodate every electric car user in the country with a CCS port fitted.

To learn more about our hybrid and electric used car offers and deals, call us now on 02382 549 222 or if you wish to apply for instant car financing and you want to discuss trading in your old car, click here now.

The best advice for your car this winter

174 / News 2021
image of 3 cars parked on the road covered in snow

As if we don’t have enough doom and gloom in the UK already, there’s been forecasts that the winter will be pretty severe in the next coming months. This will likely make driving conditions quite difficult and road and travel experts are warning motorists to be fully prepared for the winter ahead.

Best Price Car Sales has listed some useful tips to help you cope during the winter months and not to be caught out. 

Not only is it important to have a well-maintained car but it’s vital to do the usual tyre treads, air pressure, and anti-freeze checks, On top of that, there are a few additional things you should be aware of when it comes to storing things inside your car on these cold wintery nights.

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Christmas markets opening in 2021

215 / News 2021
image of a christmas market at night with snow

Unfortunately, we all know, this time last year the Christmas markets were cancelled and festive plans were put on hold. It didn’t really feel like Christmas in 2020 and the general consensus, with all the doom and gloom of the never-ending pandemic, the British public wasn’t much in the mood for celebrating it.

However, this season, Christmas markets in the UK are back and what a joy for the nation to have them return. It’s things like this that symbolize to all, the UK is back in business. 

Listed below are all the Christmas markets which are confirmed to be opened around the UK.

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