Key workers recognition

97 / News 2021

If the UK didn’t appreciate key workers before the pandemic, we sure as hell recognise them now. We realised all about dedication, commitment, and bravery in having to be our frontline soldiers in the fight against this lengthy pandemic.

We gave thanks and appreciation as a nation with our UK-wide clapping and many of us made the effort to thank individuals for their work and dedication in the key worker sector. During the pandemic, the most notable key workers were highlighted as being in the healthcare sector, such as nurses, doctors, care workers and we realised other unsung heroes were also vital for the nation to continue to keep goods and services alive. Shop supermarket workers, public transportation and logistic operators, and last but not least, cleaning, and maintenance personnel. Without these people who continued to work during the Covid pandemic while others were quarantined and isolated safely in their homes, the UK economy and infrastructure would have been utterly devastated.

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We can now convert classic cars to electric

127 / News 2021

It used to be the case where owning a classic car would mean higher fuel consumption, more pollution, greater expense in maintaining the engine, and cost of parts in general. You basically would only uncover your prize gem for that weekend drive or for that something special.

Wouldn’t it be nice to now own a classic car that is going to be cheaper to run and create another wow factor when you tell all your adoring car fans what’s been done, in order to get it converted into an electric environmental classic marvel?

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Used car sales are going up and up

141 / News 2021

As things stand now, due to the current worldwide shortage of computer chips, the car manufacturing industry has slowed down car production dramatically. This current shortage has lowered the stocks of new cars in most of the major dealerships.

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Rolls Royce is going electric

159 / News 2021

You know the world is about to change when you see an announcement by Rolls Royce to say they are launching a fully electric car and they will be only selling electric cars by their target date of 2030. Meaning the end of petrol and diesel production cars within 9 years. To get a better understanding of how big this news is, it’s regarded in the industry as its biggest gear change for the luxury carmaker in its 117-year history.

The groundbreaking launch of its all-new, all-electric car called the Spectre will change the outlook of the prestigious carmaker. The Spectre will be a zero-emissions electric car scheduled to be in production in 2023. BMW, the parent company of Rolls Royce had previously introduced their first all-electric SUV called the BMW iX.

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Electric cars vs fuel cars

160 / News 2021

In this day and age, is this a question worth asking? Governments, the media, and environmental activists around the world have highlighted the increasing damage to the earth’s climate and we’re now seeing more and more natural disasters occurring globally.

So, really there’s no better time to consider going electric. Not only is it the right thing to do but your neighbours, family, friends, and work colleagues will admire and appreciate what you’re doing and most probably follow suit. The truth be told, you are never going to be criticised for going electric, there’ll be no comeback or protest marches outside your home or place of work.

As technology is constantly evolving, science is always searching for new solutions to find a replacement for fossil fuels and a permanent sustainable energy source that can be used to run the world’s transportation infrastructure.

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