Buying Your First Car

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 343 / News 2020
Buying Your First Car
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Life is great if you’re a young driver who’s just passed your driving test and ready to hit the road in a new car. With any luck, you’re still living at home, working a full or part time job and have a decent disposable income, enough to buy your first car with a decent budget.

Now back in the old days, our first cars were what was classed as an old banger, not designed to be an eye catcher but to do the job of getting us from A to B. We never had any expectations for aircon, automatics, satnavs or any gadgets, apart from a decent radio/cassette player and a pair of decent parcel shelf speakers.

Nowadays the expectation levels are based on modern day technology, and most of the bells and whistles are standard, so when we’re even buying our first cars, we can be assured that the car we pick will normally be quite well equipped with things like smartphone integration, with music streaming feature, and most importantly, safe to drive.

Ford Fiesta HatchThis make and model has long been the British go-to car for new and young drivers. The Ford Fiesta has evolved to accommodate not only modern needs but also key safety features, such as the much hailed MyKey feature. This enables the parent to set certain features in the car within safety limits according to the person who is the holder of a certain key. Things like a speed limiter, volume settings and seatbelt reminder. The car is also very practical with plenty of cabin and boot space. Highly recommended for first time drivers.

Volkswagen Polo HatchAnother classic  that’s been in the top category for decades is the VW Polo. These days it’s packed with safety and entertainment features, such as adaptive cruise control and a very smart digital Active Info Display instrument cluster, enabling you to link up with Bluetooth and your smartphone. This car can also come with a self parking system and panoramic sunroof as an additional optional extra. With all VW’s it’s reliable, spacious and most importantly, safe.

Renault Clio HatchFor 2020, the Renault Clio has taken most of the prestigious car awards, such as the Best Small Car and Car of the Year accolade. This is mainly down to it’s extraordinary build quality that matches that of the Audi A1 and the BMW Mini. The car comes equipped with a massive 9.2 portrait touchscreen in the dashboard, giving you the most up to date smartphone, Bluetooth integration of it’s class. The handling is extremely good, but still doesn’t match that of the Ford Fiesta. However it does come with a full five star safety rating and is considered a cheap car to run.

All three of these highly rated cars are available to purchase from reputable nationwide used car dealers, like Best Price Cars Sales. They will all come with a full warranty, full service history and multi point checks before being placed on sale. We also offer the best rates and deals for car finance, and in some cases, you can either drive away with your new used car or used van the same day or have it delivered free of charge to your door, anywhere in the UK.

For more details and prices, call and speak with one of our friendly advisors today on 02382 544 186 or to get an instant decision for car finance, click here now.


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