Buying a used car in the middle of a lockdown

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 408 / News 2021
Buying a used car in the middle of a lockdown
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The UK is currently going through what some have called, one of its biggest challenges since the second world war, where its population is having to adapt and overcome many obstacles, like high unemployment, lower incomes, isolation, and many more. Another issue is, some things we still need to rely on such as food, shopping, and vital essentials, in order to survive. One vital essential in these current times is having access to a car or vehicle to move around from A to B. The need for commuting or travelling in general in the safety of your own vehicle has now started to increase as more and more people are growing weary of how contagious the Covid disease is and what’s now been discovered, the various new variants of the virus which is appearing across the world.

The Lucky Ones
This has been a boom time for the online retailers and streaming services, where consumers are more reliant on ordering goods and services online, in the safety and convenience of being at home. In the past, certain retailers mainly focussed on footfall customers to enter their establishments to look and purchase products, now these same retailers are having to adapt to keep their businesses going by investing in more technology online.

The Unlucky Ones
One such industry that has been vastly affected is the new and used car sector. Reports have come out that manufacturers and carmakers have seen a massive downturn in production and sales, and this obviously has a knock-on effect on the industry as a whole.

Adapt or Die
As one of the leaders in the used car and used van, Best Price Car Sales has for years made its business model based on offering a nationwide used car and used van dealership, by reaching out to a much wider audience through social media and website channels. BPCS offers all its customers’ full access to all their stock online and that’s for over 100 used cars. And if you can’t see the car you are after in our current stock, our advisors will source the vehicle for you at no extra cost.

All our used cars and used vans have detailed images of both inside and outside the vehicle, and if further images or media is required, we also offer a live virtual video tour of your chosen vehicle too.

Before any of our cars are dispatched for delivery, they are thoroughly checked and deep cleaned, in order to ensure your vehicle is safe and looking in the best possible condition.

So how do we get these cars to our customers and how do you pay? All of our potential customers can either speak directly with an advisor, where they can discuss with you our payment options. This can either be by a major credit card or bank transfer. In most cases, we’re able to offer instant car finance, using our portfolio of the best UK lenders, who can approve finance for most credit statuses. There are of course certain limitations that we have to adhere to but in the past, we have approved customers who have been on Universal Credit, issued with default notices, and even on IVAs.

Another service BPCS offer is over the phone part exchange valuation for your old car. By giving us honest answers to a few basic questions, we will give you a fair and accurate estimate for your car. We’ll even take it away once we’ve delivered your newly purchased used car.

How much does it cost to have our used cars or used vans delivered to your doorstep or place of business? It’s absolutely free of charge! That’s right, we offer all our customers the used car or used van of your choice, part exchange, no deposit, cash payments rebates, free 5-day comprehensive insurance, and of course, free delivery too.

Worth taking a look at our Google reviews where we score an impressive 4.6 stars out of 5 from over 350 reviews.

If you would like to know more about our selection of used cars, used vans and current deals, call us now on 02382 544 186 or click here to get instant car finance approval or ask us about buying your used car with cryptocurrency today.


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