Top 5 ideas how to make money with your van

Top 5 ideas how to make money with your van

If you're considering a career change then used vans might be a good money-making option that could also prove to be a valuable time saver on Britain's increasingly busy motorways often gridlocked. 
If you're driving a plain white van and slightly tempted by a free looking traffic coned off lane or hard shoulder you could well get away with using it as other vehicles might just consider you as part of the maintenance team!


Using used vans as some kind of delivery service is far more practical than a car with the extra space factor playing such an important role. 
Having the ability to handle larger and heavier objects will be a huge advantage for your delivery business along with time delivery guarantees such as within the hour, or the same day, depending on delivery locations. 
For your prices check your competitors and, where possible, beat them especially during the early days. As you build your reputation your customer base should expand and price increases can be considered as long as they don't harm your business model.


For many years used vans have been a popular method to bring ice cream products to people's homes, schools and parks and they've always been instantly recognizable by there appearance and familiar tunes aimed at kids dragging parents out of their houses.
Trendy juice and coffee van bars have followed and mobile wine van bars are an extension of this. It's a more popular later afternoon and evening idea that attracts people at shopping centres, attending special events, and nightclubs.
Jazz your van up so it looks tastefully sexy in a way that will attract people for a few selfies. Also, play popular music to get these people to hang around and have a drink or two.
But a word of warning here. Don't just park up and start blasting out music without permission or a relevant street trading licence.


Again this is something you cannot just wake up one morning and start. Insurance factors need to be considered as well as deposits. 
When people rent vehicles they might not be too bothered about returning them in the same condition. You need protection against this. 


People are always moving houses but this one does come with a 'Health Warning' as if you don't have staff it will be tough carrying large and heavy furniture from one house to another. 


In particular, an airport taxi service aimed at providing enough comfortable space for up to five passengers and their luggage. 
These passengers don't have to be part of the same group but they would have to live in a location close to your base. 


Used vans can make money and these five ideas could put you on the road to riches. But we were being slightly tongue in cheek when we mentioned the cheeky use of hard shoulders and cordoned off areas of motorways! Don't do that as the money you make will be lost in fines!


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