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Best used luxury cars 2022

13/05/2022 / Comments 0 / 34 / News 2022
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One thing many of us strive for is owning a luxury car, a car that you just don’t want to leave once you’ve driven just to your local chippy. Luxury cars these days are well equipped with all the latest technology and sinks thrown in too. 

Some good news now, in the used car marketplace, used luxury cars are a lot more affordable nowadays and because they’re built to the highest standards, there’s also a good chance they’ll last longer in your possession. Also, take into consideration, that brand new luxury cars lose a lot of value just by being driven off the showroom forecourt, so buying a used luxury car, you are benefiting from quite a large price drop in most cases and the depreciation slows down dramatically over the years too.

Best Price Car Sales has put together a selection of what we consider to be a great range of used luxury cars for you to consider and maybe one day own.

Volkswagen Phaeton

This luxury used car is not the greatest choice, to begin with, but add a few things up and you can then see why it’s been added to our list. The interior of the VW Phaeton may be a bit dull but still high-end stuff, with nice high-quality leather seats, and a massive 500-litre boot space. And with a superior build, the ride is effortlessly smooth and you feel safe with its world-renowned reliability and advanced safety features. Expect to pay under £14,000 with a decent mileage behind it.

Porsche Panamera

As with most luxury cars, you expect a decent size engine and decent speed. The Porsche Panamera has both in abundance but it also has incredible road handling abilities to match. As you would expect with the brand Porsche, the interior is awesome and has German refinements in every nook and cranny inside, plus holds a decent boot space of 445-litre which is more than adequate for two people going away for a nice weekend getaway.

Bentley Flying Spur

If you’re looking for the next best thing down from a Rolls Royce when it comes to luxury and prestige, the Bentley Flying Spur would be your best choice. This luxurious machine has all the comfort of a seven-star resort in Dubai. It just oozes ultimate quality and refinements befitting an up-and-coming used car owner. Stick a private plate on it and you’ll be having your neighbours suspecting you’ve won big on the Lotto. As you would expect with a car of the quality, the ride doesn’t get much smoother and quieter on the motorway, and with a massive 4.0-litre V8 with 500bhp as the starting point in engine size, speed won’t be considered a lacking factor for this dream used luxury car. What raises a few eyebrows with this car is its amazing 25.9mpg fuel economy for an engine of this size and what it has to carry in the form of high technology and a top-of-the-line interior.

Audi A8

The Mk4 Audi A8 has been around for a few years and this used luxury car is ideal for the tall members of society with its long-wheelbase A8 L model. With its massive size and overall road presence, the Audi A8 is a very decent luxury used car to own. Be aware though of the maintenance and insurance costs but other than that, this car will last you for many years to come. Depending on what features you are looking for, there are plenty of options to choose from with this used luxury car. Before considering this used luxury car, do some research on the features you are after because you may not feel the need to have heated rear seats.

BMW 7 Series

In the car industry, most car manufacturers build a top-of-the-line model which is classed as luxury, and for some reason, the BMW 7 Series is widely considered the luxury cars underdog. Maybe the reason is BMW has a reputation for high-quality cars mainly purchased for speeding on the autobahns in Germany. But don’t let this reputation put you off, because the on-board technology packed inside this used luxury car is among the best you’ll find anywhere in the car automotive sector. As with most BMWs, there’s a nice selection of engines, including hybrids. The Run-flat tyres come as standard and there’s nothing better than having the peace of mind driving home late at night on a deserted road, knowing a puncture won’t be a factor when it comes to waiting for roadside assistance. 

We think the biggest and best attraction of the BMW 7 Series has to be its incredible interior. Everything inside is beautifully designed and has a high-end finish throughout.

Mercedes S-Class

When it comes to actual driving and sitting inside of a Mercedes S-Class luxury saloon car, and then comparing it with the other used luxury cars in our small list, this mechanical wonder has to be the overall champion. As an all-rounder, there are not many luxury cars on the road that can match up to this gem of a car, plus buying it registered between 2011 to  2015, this used car with a few miles on the clock, isn’t exactly going to break the bank for you, considering where the pricing started for a brand new model.

One of the biggest treats of being inside this gem of a luxury car is being an actual passenger at the back, as the seats and environment are more relaxing than what you get in a top airline’s business-class flight, and we’re not kidding.

The quality of this car’s build is immense, even when the engine is idling, it’s still a very dull murmuring and try hearing it when you’re cruising on the motorway.

Where can you get one?

Look no further than Best Price Car Sales, based in Southampton. We’re able to source all types of used luxury cars, just like we have listed above. All you need to do is tell us what luxury used car you are after and leave the rest to us. We’ll send you the specs and high-quality images too. Once car finance is arranged and approved, we will then have the car delivered to your home or place of business anywhere in the UK free of charge.

You will then have the opportunity to fully inspect and test drive it, and once you are satisfied, you then take over ownership of your new car.

To find out more about our current offers and used car deals, call us on 02382 543 928 and speak to one of our friendly advisors today, or if you need to check on your credit status, click here now to apply for pre-approved finance now.

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