Best used coupes cars

21/03/2021 / Comments 0 / 449 / News 2021
Best used coupes cars
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Coupes have often been given the reputation of being the more hip version compared to saloons and hatchbacks. They are specifically designed to look sporty and discourage backseat passengers! (this may not be true) The bottom line is you sacrifice a bit in practicality, but gain more in stylish looks and a slicker image.

Best Price Car Sales has selected the UK’s favourite coupes on the used car market to accommodate all budgets. See if the used car coupes listed below are in your list of favourites too.

Toyota GT86 Coupe
Widely considered as the coupe for the racing driver in all of us. The Toyota GT86 coupe has a great chassis and constantly has great feedback on its driving abilities and very sharp responses. The interior could be better and a car that looks like this should come with an engine with a bit more power. You can pick up a good quality used car for under £15,000.

Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe
Where would we be without having a Merc in our selected list of quality used car coupes? Well, the Mercedes C-Class Coupe makes perfect sense to be added to our best buy list. This model looks sleek and very classy. The space at the back is really enough only for the kids to sit comfortably in, however, it does offer a smooth and comfortable ride. If choosing between petrol and diesel, the diesel models are a bit noisy, but the compensation is getting more miles per gallon out of your tank. As you would expect with a Mercedes, the interior is modern and well designed. Expect to pay under £15,000 for a quality used C220.

BMW 6 Series Coupe
The BMW 6 Series coupe is widely considered by reviewers to be an extremely good looking car, and not only is it a looker but also great drive, and quite quick too. When you add up all the bells and whistles, choice or diesel or petrol, you can pick up extremely good bargains. This used car is certainly worth a test drive, but give yourself a few minutes extra just to take in the stylish and state of the art interior. For a low mileage 640d SE model, expect to pay under £20,000.

Mini Coupe
Many in the car industry describe the Mini Coupe as a very fashionable looking coupe that’s affordable to most. Although the styling isn’t to everyone’s taste, the car has been well designed and it’s also considered as a fun car to drive, with some great responsive choices of engines. The chassis enables you to feel safe over bumps and cornering. Of all the interiors, the Mini Coupe has probably the funkiest and unique look. The only drawback with owning this model is that repair costs can be quite expensive. Expect to pay under £10,000 for a decent mileage model.

At Best Price Car Sales, you can always depend on us to give you the best advice and provide you with great suggestions when choosing your next used car. We can also confidently state that all of the used car coupes we have listed above are cars we will either have in stock and ready to go or, we’re able to source and have delivered free of charge to you either at home or place of business within 3 days or less, anywhere in the UK. To further add, all of our used cars and used vans come with a full warranty.

We also offer a fully contactless service, so you don’t need to travel to any of our showrooms. We’ll provide you with detailed images of the cars and once you have narrowed down the used car or used van that you want, we’re able to give you a virtual video tour, sometimes within minutes.

For further information on all our current deals and offers, including over the phone part exchange price promise, call us now on 02382 549 222 or if you seek instant car finance, just click here and get approval or ask us about buying your used car with cryptocurrency today.


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