Best Used Convertible Cars

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 406 / News 2020
Best Used Convertible Cars
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As the new year begins, we have hopefully lots of exciting things to look forward to in 2021. There’s been a lot of doom and gloom for the past year or so and some of us could do with a few things to cheer ourselves up with. A great idea is to look ahead positively and buy something that will put a constant smile on your face every time you jump into your newly purchased convertible car (only when it’s not freezing or wet!).

Here at Best Price Car Sales, we have one of the biggest selections of convertible used cars in the UK, and we’re also able to source more for you if you want a particular spec to suit or match your requirements. We have selected the current best in the UK market, and hopefully at least one will be of interest to you.

BMW 4 Series (2013)
BMW has a great reputation in all areas but in particular, its developed a highly regarded collection of cabriolets. The BMW 4 Series replaced the 3 Series in 2013 and introduced the SE spec which offers very smooth handling and a soft suspension. The top of the range M Sport, hands down is the best and sportier drive and look out for the adaptive suspension to make the ride less firm.

Jaguar XK
Probably one of the most desirable used car convertibles in the UK, this car is a head-turner and not only does the badge have a classy reputation but you’re driving a V8 engine too. Not that you need it, it also has the supercharged XKR for that extra special zip in your driving. This is a truly amazing car that loses a lot of value brand new, then holds its own as a used car.

BMW 6 Series
This is a very well made car, the BMW 6 Series is another head turner and will have the usual refined quality build to back it up with. It’s available in a petrol or diesel engine version and the drive is smooth, fast, and very quiet when you have the roof up. One very nice used car to consider when you’ve reached a certain age to be placed in an affordable car insurance bracket.

Mercedes-Benz E Class
As with most Mercedes, this is a very well built, classic looking convertible with great aerodynamics and probably one of the best heating systems out there on the market. The warm air is blown towards your neck, which helps to keep you warm and comfortable in colder outside conditions if you feel brave with the top down. Be assured that this is a quality used car to drive but try to get the SE spec for a better, smoother drive.

So why not consider a pick me up for 2021 and treat yourself to a quality used convertible car? Our team at Best Price Cars can find you the right used car with the right budget that is suitable for you. We can sort out your old car by giving you an industry competitive price or even pay off your current outstanding car finance to help you get into your new used convertible. To find out more about our free UK delivery service and additional offers, call 02382 544 186 and speak with one of our friendly advisors. If you want to get instant car finance approval, click here now and get a decision today.


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