Best Used Cars For Towing

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Best Used Cars For Towing
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This is not something the average driver does regularly, but when the need arises for towing a trailer or caravan, it’s best to have a car that you can rely on to do a good job. This includes  road handling in all conditions and all gradients.

Best Price Car Sales sell well over 100 used cars and used vans per month, so we feel we can offer some good advice in the best used cars for towing. We will give you our choices in the way of pulling power, stable towing,and all round performance.

BMW 5 Series Touring (2017-)
This model is more widely available on the used car market, so if you’re looking for a good used car deal, this model will not disappoint. The BMW 5 Series Touring is regarded as a top car for towing, with the ability to get you out of trouble with high speed manoeuvres, the diesel engine is very fuel efficient but gets you strong acceleration when required.

Vauxhall Insignia (2009 – 2017)
For its low used car price, the Vauxhall Insignia is certainly a bargain buy and is considered a must have if you’re looking for a good quality used car for towing your trailer or caravan within the speed limit on the motorway, this is the car for you. The best recommendation is to purchase the diesel engine models.

Skoda Yeti (2009 – 2017)
Of all our choices, the Skoda Yeti is probably the smallest car on the list of best used cars for towing a small caravan or trailer. Best to look at the diesel and 4×4 versions of this model if you want a good performance with a strong torque. One additional advantage with the car is the low running costs, so bear this in mind when looking for a good car for this type of frequent use.

Ford Mondeo (2014 -)
Not as cheap in general as the used Vauxhall Insignia, the Ford Mondeo still comes pretty close in the overall price bracket, but it’s considered by many, including us as the better car of the two.

Can cope with most sizes of caravans and trailers, very adequately with the right engine, (preferably diesel) and has the handling ability to maintain comfort and control at motorway speeds.

Kia Sorento (2015-)
In our humble opinion, the Kia Sorento has it all when it comes to affordability, comfort, pulling power and safety. With it’s 2.2 litre diesel engine, and large size, this car can handle large caravans and heavy trailers, no problem. Brand new, this car is a great buy, but as a used car, it’s even better.

So if you’re currently driving a car which you’re not confident in or has struggled in the past with either towing a trailer or caravan, then maybe Best Price Cars can help. Firstly, we will be more than happy to see what price we can offer you for your old car, with our very generous part exchange rates. We can even help if your car is in negative equity. With one of the biggest stocks of used cars and used vans in the UK, Best Price Car Sales are sure to be able to provide you with the right used car purchase.

To find out more about our range of quality used cars and used vans, along with instant car finance approvals, call 02382 544 186 and speak with one of our friendly advisors today or just click here and get an instant car finance decision today.


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