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Best used cars for 2022

06/05/2022 / Comments 0 / 31 / News 2022
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It’s always handy to have a guide when it comes to buying a new car, especially a used car. When picking a used car it is important to consider certain factors, such as your location, if you live in a ULEZ city or urban environment where you’ll mainly be free of city traffic.

Best Price Car Sales has picked a selection of the best used cars for 2022. We hope this will be a helpful guide in choosing the right used car for you for a few years to come.

Skoda Octavia

Over the years, the name Skoda has risen from the lower depths of being considered a car which was the butt of every car joke there was. The reputation wasn’t the best, basically far from it. But my oh my, hasn’t this car manufacturer come a long way in recent years. 

The Octavia model is a very sought-after bargain for a used car. An all-rounder when it comes to ticking most of the boxes for a quality, practical family-used car. It’s also noted that the interior of the car is most impressive and very comfortable. This used car has CO2 emissions of 87g/km, which means most petrol snd diesel models will be free to tax. Just check on the registration date of the car.

Kia Niro

The Kia Niro has only started being manufactured in 2016, so for now, you’ll have the benefit of having at least two years of manufacturer’s warranty still left on it. All the brand new cars come with a whopping seven-year warranty, so if you also need complete peace of mind for being covered then look no further than the Kia Niro.

The great features of this car are it’s very spacious and very practical. It is considered by many as being a smooth and comfortable car to drive but for an SUV it doesn’t react as fast as some SUVs which are priced in the same bracket but this definitely shouldn’t put you off.

BMW 3 Series

A stand-out middle-range used car, the BMW 3 Series is one of the best-used cars you’ll ever need. The 3 series can get away with being either a modest size family car or a sleek car for all you dashing single guys and gals. The big advantage of going for a BMW 3 Series is its wide selection of excellent petrol and diesel engines, and one the best mid-range cars to drive on British roads. Look out for the diesel models in particular if fuel consumption is a concern, and the newer used petrol models offer lower emissions so expect to pay the lower scale on road tax.

Vauxhall Insignia

Looking for a sleek looking economical and reliable used car? Then this is the used car for you, the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport has the looks that may turn a few heads and the performance that keeps it up with most cars in the same class and is highly recommended for long distance driving. This used car overall is a must-consider option if you are wanting to add it to your final selection of choices. 

Range Rover Evoque

These used cars are still one of the hottest must-haves on the road, the used Range Rover Evoque has it all, with its classy, sophisticated looks on the inside and outside, this car is a dream to own. So, not only is this glorious used SUV good to look at and to own, it’s a great drive too.  But due to the car’s design, the back is a bit small to accommodate adults and the later diesel engines are considered to be less reliable than the earlier engines. 

Honda CR-V

Now if you’re looking for a roomy SUV, the used Honda CR-V car should be considered because it can easily hold two adults comfortably at the back as well as decent boot space. As with most Hondas, the CR-V is in the upper quartile when it comes to the best reliability, its comfortable laid-back driving ease, and last but not least, the Honda dealer network in the UK is immense. The interior is sleek and refined too, making it a nice place to be inside and more importantly, a very safe place to be as well.

Ford Fiesta

The overall champion of all used cars in the UK for 2022 has to be the outstanding Ford Fiesta, our humble, honest opinion. This used Ford Fiesta car is probably the most popular used car in the UK, especially for 2022 so far.

Why is this little gem so good, well, where do we start? Firstly, it’s very cheap to run, servicing and parts are not expensive at all. The road handling for a used car of this price and build is second to none. When it comes to diesel and petrol engine choices, you’ll need breaks in-between researching your options. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, there’s the phenomenal ST hot hatch to consider too. 

This used car is ideal for first-time buyers as well as a seasoned driver who just needs a comfortable runaround.

Where can you find all these great used cars?

If you are in the market for purchasing a quality used car, especially from the comfort of your sofa, there’s one option you can look at, and it’s Best Price Car Sales, based in Southampton. A family-run business for over 6 years, we have serviced the whole of the UK with quality used cars through a pandemic, recessions, and inclement weather conditions. The best tradition we have is, that no matter where you live or work, we will get your new car delivered to you free of charge and you only take ownership of your new used car once you have given it a test drive and you are happy with it, inside and out.

Even if you have outstanding car finance on your old car, we will happily consider paying it off and get you a newer quality used car. If you can’t find the right car at first glance on our website, we can still help you with our free car sourcing service.To find out more about our current deals and great offers, call us on 02382 543 928 and speak with one of our friendly advisors. To apply for instant car finance, just click here and apply today and see how much you can spend without breaking the bank.

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