Best types of engine oils

21/03/2021 / Comments 0 / 439 / News 2021
Best types of engine oils
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Something most of us car owners all have to do is check the engine oil levels on our vehicles. We can either buy the correct oil and do it yourself or get our local garage to top it up. This is something that in theory should be done on a regular basis. It’s always good to know what’s going inside your engine too, so having some knowledge of the different engine oils, we at Best Price Car Sales hope will be handy for you in the future.


In the industry, conventional motor oil is considered inferior compared to synthetic and blended oils. Conventional motor oil is still commonly used in new cars. The oil still contains a cleaning agent, as well as friction modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and a few other added extras to give your engine protection for up to 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Full Synthetic

In most cases, the high-performance cars seem to operate best with full synthetic oil, which is a by-product of crude oil. The oil is mainly intended for engines with higher RPM speeds, higher temperatures, and dealing with stresses like carrying heavy loads. Look for brands that can either give you better engine protection or designed to keep your car engine cleaner.

Synthetic Blend

Generally, a synthetic oil is a combination of motor oil and synthetic oil. In theory, it’s conventional oil with a booster. The synthetic side of the oil is designed to increase the performance and protection of your engine. Buying a synthetic blend is much less expensive than a full synthetic option but offers more or less the same benefits.

High-Mileage Oil

The high mileage motor oil is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s engine oil intended for vehicles that have 75,000 miles or more on the clock. One of the reasons why such oil is purchased is the oil contains additives that are designed to address possible issues that occur in engines with high mileage.

The benefits of motor oil

It’s a lifeblood for your car and an essential fluid to ensure your engine runs and functions properly. In most cases, the key elements in any motor oil are to clean, cool, and lubricate your engine.

Remember, synthetic oil operates better in extreme conditions compared to conventional oil. Synthetic oil flows better in the cold and is more resistant to breaking down due to extreme heat and friction.

By using synthetic oil, your oil changes are only required in intervals of around 7,500 to 10,00 miles compared to conventional oil where you would be looking at changing around every 3,000 miles. At lastly, by using synthetic oil you will benefit from greater fuel economy and the likelihood of increasing the lifespan of your vehicle.

One of the first things which we check at Best Price Car Sales is the oil and always follow the manufacturers’ guidelines when it comes to replenishing our used cars or used vans engine oils.

On top of that, each used car and used van is fully serviced before being valeted and sanitised for the comfort and safety of our customers.

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