Best types of car washes

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 425 / News 2021
Best types of car washes
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We all prefer to use different methods in washing our cars. If we have the time and energy, it would normally be the case of getting the bucket and hose out and spending at least an hour soaping and washing your pride and joy. But sometimes due to time, weather, or just plain laziness, we have to visit our local garage or car wash establishment and get someone or technology to take care of things.

So, we already know, one popular option is the hand wash method for your car. Most detailing experts agree that this is probably the safest way to wash your car if you want to be absolutely sure you don’t want any marks, damage, and scratches. This is the only real way also to pay considerable attention to detail on something you love and cherish.

Waterless Wash
One method which is quite common on roadsides and disused forecourts, is the simple spray bottle product, using several microfibre towels. This is not really for very dirty cars but is a quick way to give your car a quick bruce up if it’s looking dusty and has limited amounts of mud and dirt. Unfortunately with this method, there’s more risk for scratching, so bear this in mind.

Rinseless Wash
The rinseless wash is normally done with mitts or microfibre towels. It’s widely regarded as a mixture between handwash and waterless wash. By using a specialist rinseless wash product, this method is normally used if there is a drought or water restriction notice. This method saves water but unfortunately, has been prone to scratches in some cases as a result, but still proven to be more effective and you generally get less scratches than a waterless wash.

Automatic Wash
Commonly known as ‘tunnel’ washes, the automatic car wash is still the most popular method you’ll find in a garage forecourt or at a dedicated automatic car wash business. The car is generally navigated along a conveyor belt system and put through a series of brushes, chemical sprays, various waxes, additional coatings, and high powered blowers. Be aware, this method without a doubt, can cause the most damage to your car. Over time this method may cause, abrasive brush scratches, faded paint work and can also damage the finish of your car. This is the quickest and probably cheapest way to clean your car but remember to think about the long term result if you ever want to sell or part exchange your car down further down the line.

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