The UK is currently in the midst of a whole range of shortages, due "> Best time to buy an electric used car – Best Price Car Sales & Finance

Best time to buy an electric used car

28/09/2021 / Comments 0 / 228 / News 2021
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The UK is currently in the midst of a whole range of shortages, due to the current shortcoming of lorry drivers, especially HGV 1 drivers with the ADR licence (for transporting hazardous goods). This is causing chaos at the petrol forecourts for drivers of petrol and diesel cars. 

Every day there are news reports in the media about mile-long queues, heated incidents, and added stresses of sharp increases in petrol and diesel prices. Petrol and diesel are now the highest they have been for eight years.

Electric used car option

So you’re currently driving your petrol or diesel car and not only are your costs in running it rocketing up, but you’ve now got the added dread of knowing every time you turn the key or press the start button, you know it won’t be long until you need to spend another £30 (current limitation) due to panic buying, which has added to massive fuel shortages.

The other option is not only a quick fix but it’s also a long term solution for the current crisis and climate change. By going electric, your life will change overnight and you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

What electric used car to buy?

Obviously, the electric used car you buy must still tick the boxes which will be suitable for each individual buyer. The usual rules apply such as cost, mileage range, comfort, and safety. The best options can be discussed with our team of advisors at Best Price Car Sales. We can also let you know over the phone what we can give you for your old car and give you a part exchange promise.

We have the resources to search for hundreds of good quality used electric cars and by just speaking with our advisors, we will locate the right used electric car for you. Our most popular used electric cars are the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, and the Tesla X. But we can locate many more, due to our vast network of partners and nationwide units.

How simple is it to do all this?

Best Price Car Sales have made this procedure as simple and straightforward as possible, which will assist you in getting your new electric used car delivered to your doorstep or place of work within 3 days in most cases. All you have to do is give us a call, tell us about your current car and tell us what electric used car you have a requirement for. We will then send you high-quality images for you to browse in the comfort of your home. Once you have selected the right used electric car, we will then discuss your payment options, which can range from car finance to a cash deal. We can then use your old car as a deposit and lower your payments if you decide to go for instant car financing.

Once you have taken delivery of your car and fully checked all is okay, you will then take ownership and we will pick up your old car and you no longer need to worry so much about what’s going on at your local filling station. All our used cars come with a full warranty and we also offer a range of additional deals. 

Call us now on 02382 549 222 and speak to one of our friendly advisors or click here to get instant car finance approval today.


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