Best time to buy a used car

04/05/2021 / Comments 0 / 350 / News 2020
Best time to buy a used car
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Now the festivities have come to an end, once again we’re counting the costs of all the celebrating, the drinking, the feasting, and most of all the rather large outgoing expenses. This is the month the majority of us are having to tighten our belts and hang in there until February, and we know it’s not the easiest thing to do.

Most retailers and businesses know this, so it’s also a great time to look around for special offers and deals. Traditionally, January is a slow month, hence why there’s the January Sales, but in most cases, you are still paying with cash or debit card/credit card.

What can you get?
The last thing at this time of year you’ll be looking for is a large purchase of any form, as it will normally add to further financial headaches. But by shopping around for luxury items such as quality used cars and used vans dealerships, Best Price Car Sales have come up with an easy and affordable solution for you. Firstly, our used car dealership will pay your first two installments in full so your payments will be covered until March and on top of that, we will provide you with 5 days of free comprehensive insurance to help you take your time by shopping around for the best car insurance deals and offers.

Want more?
On top of that, Best Price Car Sales offer a fully contactless one-stop service, from showing you a selection of detailed images and virtual video tours of over 400 used cars in our stock to deliver your newly purchased used car or used van to either your home or place of work, free of charge anywhere in the UK and in most cases, by the next day, after successfully being approved for car financing.

Even if you have an old car, we will offer you an instant competitive price over the phone and collect it at the time of delivering your newly purchased used car.  And if your old car has outstanding finance on it, we can even help pay that off for you too.

The good news doesn’t stop there
So to summarise, at Best Price Car Sales, you can get a quality used car delivered free the next day, have your old car used as a deposit and taken away free of charge. Pay nothing for two months, and get a 5 day drive away, fully comprehensive car insurance absolutely free. All this can be achieved from the comfort of using your smartphone or PC. Also remember all of our used cars and used vans are HPI clean, thoroughly inspected, and come with a full warranty too.

What are you waiting for?
To drive away the car of your dreams in January and pay nothing until March, all you need to do is call Best Price Car Sales on 02382 544 186 and speak with one of our friendly advisors, or to apply for instant car finance, all you need to do is click here and get approved or ask us about buying your used car with cryptocurrency today.


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