Best speed camera detectors

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Best speed camera detectors
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In no way does Best Price Car Sales condone speeding anywhere in the UK, and as far as we are concerned, speed cameras are set up and placed to keep road users safe and to ensure all drivers stick to the highway code and speed limits. The reason why this article and guide has been created, is to help drivers who are travelling on unfamiliar roads and don’t stray over the limit and pick up costly fines.

Best Price Car Sales has come up with a selection of 4 of the best speed camera detectors available on the market.

Road Angel Pure
This product is one of the most expensive camera locators available to buy in the UK. But for the cost, it’s worth every penny due to the features it has built-in. One key function is the sim card inside, which is constantly being updated every 60 seconds. Due to this, not only is it thoroughly accurate but it’s able to constantly display the current limit and alerts you if you just so happen to stray over it. Price starting from around £250 & subscription £99 – £149 per annum.

Drivesmart Alpha
A unique piece of kit which actively detects radar and laser signals. It can even let you know if the speed cameras are live and give the locations. Highly accurate and not an expensive buy. As far as we’re concerned, a great value for money purchase. The setup and display could be modernised and can only be updated via a PC connected to the internet. Price starting from around £130 & subscription is free.

Snooper My Speed XL
One of the best sellers on the market, the Snooper My Speed XL is very compact and considered very user friendly. It has a clean touchscreen display, making it easy to use, and monitors your speed and the current speed you are travelling at. Like the Drivesmart Alpha, this device needs to be plugged into a PC to access the free updates.

TomTom Go
A very well known name in the in-car satellite devices, the TomTom Go has a robust and easy to use display system that records your average speed in the zones where average speed cameras are in operation. The device also alerts you to static speed cameras too, but be aware its reporting function can be a bit too distracting while driving, so it’s best to keep in mind road safety laws. Compatible with the Apple Carplay. Subscription: £12.99 per annum.

We hope this gives you an idea of what is available on the British market when it comes to speed camera detection devices. The speed camera detectors can easily be fitted to all of our used car and used van stock portfolio.

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