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Best rules to follow when buying a used car

31/03/2022 / Comments 0 / 61 / News 2022
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Being an established family-run used car dealership for over 6 years, we have come across a lot of issues our customers have gone through, and in some cases, we have assisted them, so they come out on top.

Best Price Car Sales, which is based in Southampton has some very good tips and advice to help you in your quest in buying a quality used car.

Tip one: Private seller

You may be able to get a great deal from a private seller, but remember if you do go down this route, you will have practically no consumer rights. But there is one option that you can do which is to take the seller to court and somehow prove they sold you a car knowing it had faults.

Unlike buying a car from a reputable used car dealership like Best Price Car Sales, you’ll have all the consumer protections and rights afforded by British law. To also put your mind at rest, buying a used car online offers you not only a full warranty car but you will again have full consumer protection, just like walking into a used car dealership.

Tip two: Wear and tear

When you are inspecting the used car you are looking to purchase, you will have to take into consideration there will be some wear and tear, hence the term used car. If you find any major, obvious defects such as large dents or big scratches, reputable used car dealers like Best Price Car Sales, will immediately get these types of defects sorted at no extra cost.

Tip three: Get treated right

Unfortunately, there are some used car dealerships that try to hide certain aspects of their used car stocks, and if you ask too many questions, like the car’s service history, mileage, or point at a suspicious gap between the panels and you’re not getting the right answers, it’s best you walk away. The best dealerships will have all the information available, such as a service history and HPI check on the vehicles they are selling. Bear in mind that most dealerships, especially used car dealers, will also sell part exchange vehicles which in some cases won’t have a full-service history but will come with an HPI check and full warranty.

Tip four: Trust your instincts

Many used car buyers are novices when it comes to buying a car. In most cases, after you have inspected the vehicle and checked out the interior and exterior condition of the used car, the moment you lift the bonnet up, all your car knowledge goes out the window, and you’re relying on pure instincts that everything looks and sounds okay then bear in mind that as soon as you sign for the car, you’re still protected by the Consumer Act. But sometimes if there are too many things that put a frown on your face, it’s at that point when more than likely a good point is to walk away from the car and move on. A good used car dealership like Best Price Car Sales will always have plenty of alternatives and if you can’t find the right used car for you at one of their dealerships or storage units, we’ll be able to source the right car for you on the same day at no extra cost.

The best tip: Always buy from a reputable used car dealer

This tip is the most obvious one, especially when you are buying the second most expensive item you normally purchase in your lifetime, it’s important to buy from an established used car dealer who is registered with Companies House, and also needs to be regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Check online for review websites like Google and Trustpilot too. Another thing to bear in mind, look for images of the company on the web, showrooms or Head Office, and you can then use Companies House to check they are still operating and not an online scam.

Once you are completely happy and satisfied with all your checks, give us a call on 02382 543 928 and start your enquiry by talking to one of our friendly advisors. Or to get a car finance decision within an hour, click here to get approved today.

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