Best roof racks for cars

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Best roof racks for cars
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Normally considered as an afterthought once you’ve purchased your new or used car, the roof rack can be an important addition to your car and offer you a lot more ability to transport large items like suitcases or bicycles. And in case you weren’t sure, no roof box or bike mount can fit directly on a factory fitted roof rails, so it’s advisable to know what options are available. In general, most roof racks will fit around 98% of all vehicles. But bear in mind, there may be some exceptions where rain gutters are fitted on the car. This can easily be overcome by simply buying rain gutter mounted racks and making adjustments accordingly.

At Best Price Car Sales, we have selected the best roof rack options available in the UK market.

Maypole Aluminium Aero Roof Bar RB1045
Considered by many reviewers as great value for money and a good piece of kit for your car, the Maypole Aero Roof Bar has a good build quality and on top of that, comes with a price tag starting from around £42.89. It’s lightweight at only 3.5kgs, so won’t add a lot of weight to your car so your fuel efficiency won’t be affected by much. There’s a list of cars this equipment will fit on, so make sure you check before purchasing.

Thule Roof Bars – Wing Bar Edge 9595
The Thule brand normally specialises in transporting sporting goods, like road bikes. What Thule stands for is its reputation for high quality and user friendly equipment. Not only that, when you purchase their equipment, you can be sure it will last a good few years and then some. With its unique design, the roof bars are practically universal fit, so you will pay a premium for durability and adjustability. Load 75 kg.

Halfords Integrated Rail Steel Roof Bars – Set i1
This roof rack can easily handle loads of up to 100kgs and the steel roof rails are considered as a good buy if you’re looking for great value for money. They are also designed to fit most cars, but best to check before purchase. Be aware, these bars do not come with a locking option, but for a price starting from around £80, it’s still considered as a good option.

When purchasing a used car or used van from Best Price Car Sales, it’s now something to consider what type of uses you think you’ll need your used vehicle for.  With our selection of over 400 quality used cars and used vans, there will always be a great choice to choose from. And if you are looking to use your current car as part exchange, we can help with that too. A simple telephone call can get you a committed price and all you’ll need to do is give us the keys so we can drive it away, after we’ve delivered free of charge your newly purchased used car or used van anywhere in the UK.

So to find out more about what deals Best Price Car Sales can do for you, simply call 02382 544 186 and speak to one of our friendly advisors or click here to get instant car finance approval today.


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