Best reliable used cars

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Best reliable used cars
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When shopping for a new used car, it’s not only important to get a good bargain but in addition to that,  a full warranty, an HPI check and of course a good service history. It’s also wise to consider buying a used car with a very reputable reliability too. At Best Price Cars, we provide all this as standard for our customers and we’ve put together a guide for used cars that have an outstanding name in the industry when it comes to reliability and repair cost savings. Remember, your warranty doesn’t last for ever and why not increase the odds by also considering used cars of this category too.

Hyundai i10 (2008 – 2013)
When it comes to a top performer in reliable city cars, look no further than this one. The Hyundai i10 is classed as one of the best in this category. This car may be small but it’s highly economical and very cheap to maintain. It’s been in the top part of a majority of surveys on reliability, so this is a great choice to consider.

Ford Ka (2009 – 2016)
Another city car given this accolade is the last generation Ford Ka. Once again this model has been surveyed as in the very top quartile of reliability in its repair costs may be a fraction more than the Hyundai but this model very rarely goes wrong if maintained according to its owner’s manual. This is a great car but lacks rear doors and the boot has been considered as smaller than average for a car of this size.

BMW 2 Series (2014 – Present)
Not only does the BMW brand have a great worldwide reputation for quality and luxury, but this particular model also has exceedingly good reliability too. In a recent online survey, with cars being scored from 1 to 10, the BMW 2 Series achieved an impressive 9.81 from owners. Scores are mainly attributed to low repair costs, build quality, and faults occurring in the years owned. But bear in mind, the 2 Series model has only been around since 2014, but so far, so good.

Volkswagen Golf – (Since time began)
Not many used or new cars can match this model’s supreme reputation overall. Since its development and conception in 1974, this make and model is probably the granddaddy of them all in its medium compact hatchback class. If you buy a used car that has been well maintained and serviced, you can’t buy a better model that will give you peace of mind for the length of your ownership.

The great news is, Best Price Car Sales, stocks all these makes and models, and all come with a full warranty and service history. On top of that, we can also provide a one-stop-shop providing all our customers with a vast selection of used cars and one of the biggest portfolios of lenders, so we’re able to offer instant car finance in the majority of cases. Another contactless service we provide is, over the phone part exchange, meaning we can offer you highly competitive pricing for your old car, making life easier for you to purchase something newer.

To find out more about our current deals and offers, call us now on 02382 544 186 or to apply for instant car finance, click here to get approved or ask us about buying your used car with cryptocurrency today.

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