Best Parks In The UK

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Best Parks In The UK
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During the Covid-19 social distancing era, there’s no other place to maintain a safer distance for your surroundings than a wildlife park. If anyone gets too close, you can just walk away and settle down in another spot. Best Price Car Sales has selected from a range of parks to visit across the UK. Hopefully we’ve found one near you and planted some suggestions for you for your next family or social day out trip.

Lake Meadows
Is situated in Billericay on Radford Crescent, Essex.It’s spread over an amazing forty acre parkland, and visited daily by people of all ages. It’s home to mature trees, a lake, statues and facilities to play sports too.

Lake Meadows was placed in the top 20% of all UK national parks. Each park in the voting received a “Much Loved” status received from the votes from visitors who have enjoyed all of the park’s recreational grounds.

Danson Park
Danson Park has a reputation for being a truly beautiful park that offers a huge variety of to many visitors. The grand house is opened for visitors requiring refreshments. Danson Park is also the second largest park in the borough of Bexley, with an area covering over 100 hectares. It also has a reputation for being one of the finest green open space land in the borough. The park also hosts fairgrounds, fireworks and festivals during the year and other bespoke events. Considered as a great venue for the whole community and for visitors coming in from outside of the borough too.

Beaumont Park
This park is located on Beaumont Park Rd, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Described as a magical Victorian Park, and a safe haven for many trees, plants, and wildlife. One of the reasons why this park is so highly regarded as one of the top parks in the UK, is mainly down to the Head Gardener employed by Kirklees Council with assistance from a group of volunteers who has been tasked with restoring and maintaining all our the major assets which the park uses to wow it’s visitors from across the UK. Due to its vast open spaces, it’s fairly easy to keep in line with the social distancing rules which are currently being enforced throughout the UK.

Best Price Car Sales has selected only three of the top 20% nominated winners of the best parks in the UK to visit. The main reason is to highlight the options in travelling and getting outside whilst observing social distancing for you and your family’s safety. Best Price Car Sales offer all of the UK’s population the chance in either upgrading your old car or purchasing a newer used car or used van on car finance. So if you need a bigger, more reliable, newer used car, why not see what we can do to help. We even give prices for your old used car over the phone and arrange free delivery and pick ups too.

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